Monday, May 1, 2023

Shadow Dancer, Sultry Stewardess Terrorized by Stripper

A sultry stewardess terrorized by a stripper! Oh, come on!  Tell me again how there are no great movies out there you want to see!  April Breneman plays a sultry blonde stewardess who looks great in uniform, out of uniform, in gratuitous shower scenes, in gratuitous bath scenes, in bikini scenes, in sex scenes, and in even more gratuitous shower scenes. We haven't even discussed the other naked and promiscuous stewardess in the film...or the strippers.  This 1995 straight-to-video classic would have blown every film away on Showtime after hours.  Today we look at "Shadow Dancer," directed by Michael Paul Gerard. 

Let us begin with the strippers.  We see them a lot. First April (Cara Van Landingham). We see her in her French maid routine, stewardess routine, nurse routine, etc. She strips for bachelor parties. She lives with Nick (Jack Van Landingham), a hunk male stripper. We see him as a cop, a cowboy, and a doctor. He graces bachelorette parties. Sweet stewardess Yvonne (Breneman) is getting married to pilot Rob (John McCafferty). Sultry stewardess Christy (Kim Sill) is jealous and hires Nick to arrive at her bachelorette party. Here's where we get sordid. Kim drugs Yvonne with a date rape drug, and Nick rapes her, and in the process de-virginizing her,  Oh yes, Nick films the whole thing.

Rob and Yvonne get married and have a lot of sex.  By the way, April and Nick have a lot of sex. Uh oh... Nick turns evil and abuses April.  When he finds out Yvonne is pregnant, he believes he is the father of the unborn child.  Now Nick terrorizes Rob and Yvonne by masquerading as the pool boy. More gratuitous bath, shower, and sex scenes follow.  Christy will have plenty of those, too.  Uh oh...Nick turns really evil and homicide enters the plot.  Heartbreaking and vicious, this gratuitous thriller goes places that many 90s filth dared not go.

Will Christy and Yvonne make-up or engage in a gratuitous catfight?  Will Nick murder Rob and move in to raise the baby he believes is his?  Will Christy and Yvonne get in the shower with each other or with the psycho stripper?  The cheese factor is intense in this one and you may need a shower after watching this gritty filth.  Fear not, you will love this film and rue the fact that moviemakers no longer make masterpieces like "Shadow Dancer."

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