Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Fear, Fears of the Prurient Nature

The 1990s was a weird decade for horror.  The 80s carried us through puberty and developed our cynicism and imagination.  We look back on the we don't.  It is easy to forget that some great horror emanated from this lost decade.  Straight to VHS flourished in the 90s and eventually birthed straight-to-DVD.  So let us look at a good one from the 90s, the very sordid and prurient "The Fear," (1995) directed by Vincent Robert.  Oh yes, Wes Craven has a nice role in this one. 

So much in this one, where to begin!  Okay, Richard (Eddie Bowz) is a hunk psychology major who gets permission from his professor, Wes Craven, to do a thesis in fear.  Richard has his reasons for the subject.  He is traumatized by a mysterious event in his childhood that gives him dreams/visions of cult like figures in wooden masks stalking him.  Richard gets a bunch of college babes and hunks together to spend a weekend at his boyhood home in the wilderness, including his babe GF Ashley (Heather Medway).  Also going along are several other great looking college students and his best buddy Troy (Darin Heames).  Uh oh...Troy's older sister Leslie (Ann Turkel) and her neer-do-well BF Vance (Leland Hayward III) join them.

Now it gets weirder.  Richard has each confess their inner most fear.  Oh yeah!  Ashley finds a human size wooden sculpture of a creepy looking guy we will call Morty (Erick Weiss).  Guess who also arrives!  Richards's weird Uncle Pete (Vince Edwards) and his 20 year old bikini babe GF Tanya (Ann Karin).  They also are told to confess their fears to Morty.  Yep...the fears start stalking the college kids.  Then the fears actually manifest and cause vicious and gory death.  Tanya, our bikini babe, has quite the episode in a hot tub, as her fear is water.  Oh yeah!  What's more...Morty seems to be quite the pervert and pops up when our characters engage in pre-marital sex.  Oh yes...we also find out, because of these fears, each character is keeping a deep dark secret.  These secrets all seem to be quite prurient, taboo, and perverted...and will shock you.

So, Tanya, our bikini babe...will she survive until the end credits or become a love toy of the creepy Morty?  What is Richard's fear and will it cause bloody carnage to his test subjects/friends?  Will Wes Craven pass Richard if any of the students survives the weekend?  This is a weird one and quite deviant.  Ann Turkel's character will have some very taboo and icky surprises.  For some great hunks, babes, gore, and a neat bikini babe...see "The Fear."    

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