Sunday, May 21, 2023

Do Not Disturb, A Disturbing Revenge Horror Flick

Ah1 Tiffany Shepis!  Definitely a Horror Hall of Fame actress.  Whether she's pulling unfortunates apart...or being pulled apart, this seductress succeeds in all of her roles.  Sultry and intense...Ms. Shepis graces our film today.  But, will she be pulled apart...or do the pulling apart?  Could go either way.  Interestingly enough, our horror icon appears to have a straight forward role as a literary agent.  Don't be fooled.  Today's feature is 2010's "Do Not Disturb" (aka "New Terminal Hotel"), directed by BC Fourteen.

Novelist Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) has moved into a skid row hotel in L.A.  He is coming off an awful tragedy. His fiancé was murdered by a movie studio head, Stan (Anthony Colliano), a real slimebag!  The rich Weinstein-like figure gets away with the murder.  Until now.  Don lures him to his hotel room, drugs him, and starts removing his internal organs.  Stan will be kept alive, totally paralyzed, and very aware.  Stan will feel all the pain and watch as Don operates on him removing one organ at a time.  The twisted Don does not intend to let Stan get away with murder.  Enough about Stan. 

Ava (Shepis), Don's agent, wants him back (as one of her novelists).  She surprises Don and barges into the hotel room and sees Stan and his diminished state.  Ava likes it...what a great idea.  She urges Don to channel this torture and mayhem to write another novel.  We are then introduced to other nefarious characters at the skid row hotel that annoy Don.  You can guess their fate.  Now Ava must deal with a rival, Carter (James Grabowski).  Carter is stealing all of Ava's novelists.  Now Ava has an arrangement in mind.  She goes to Don and presents him with an idea.  Ava insinuates blackmail, but assures Don she does not want to go to the cops.  The bathtub is ready for another surgery and Don's mental state is way gone.  Ava connives, and Carter, bless him, visits Don to steal him away from Ava.  What follows will be wild.  How does this all end?  You'll see and it will be wild!

Will Ava be an accomplice or a patient of Don the surgeon?  Does Don even have an intention of writing another novel?  Will Don use his paralysis drugs on Ava for anything other than prepping her for surgery?  Hard to watch at times, this film will have us cheering for Don.  For a seedy horror film with a performance by Ms. Shepis that will seduce and horrify you, see "Do Not Disturb."  

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