Saturday, May 13, 2023

Curse of the Re-Animator, Sultry Blonde with a Sword

Today we have the final installment of a sensational trilogy of Charles Band and Full Moon Features. This 2022 film completes the meshing of Stuart Gordon's "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond."  It'll be gory, heartbreaking, horrific, and very Lovecraftian...that means slimy tentacles and babes.  Written and directed by William Butler, "Curse of Re-Animator" also features the sultry blonde Amanda Jones brandishing a menacing sword...and in sweaty love scenes with another blonde babe.

Crawford (Dave Oliver) and Professor Wallace (Michael Pare) are working together.  Of course, since Wallace probably murdered Crawford's dad, he is not happy about this. He also won't be happy that his fiancĂ©, Mara (Christine Helene Braa) is teaming up with Herbert West (Josh Cole) to bring the dead back to life.  Good news for this unholy duo, they have a few corpses headed their way. Mara gets a brilliant idea which sounds like it will spell death for billions...move West's lab to the same abandoned building where Crawford and Wallace are rebuilding the Resonator...what could go wrong?  Oh yes, the sultry Carrie is hot and heavy with sultry blonde alchemist coed Dakota (Mabel Thomas).  Uh oh...Carrie has a sword and Dakota is right to be concerned.

Carrie decides to report back to the Resonator project...and Dakota follows.  We're suspicious about Dakota and her motives.  Sure, we understand wanting to get into Carrie's pants...but clearly, Dakota has otherworldly motives, as well.  In the presence of the now functioning Resonator, Dakota tries out her alchemy...bad idea.  Now flesh eating zombies converge...and so do slimy and jellyfish like creatures from the other dimension.  This probably will not go well.  But wait!!!  Guess who also jumps out of the shadows...the sultry Carrie wielding a big sword. where will all this lead?  Will Dakota keep her head about her when Carrie enters with her sword?  Zombies or other-dimensional creatures?  Hey, this may be the Grizzly vs. Great White Shark question of the 21st Century.  Fun, gory, erotic, "Curse of the Re-Animator" may have your libido heightened even more than a Resonator would.  

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