Saturday, May 27, 2023

Casting Kill, Audition For Death

We look at a weird one today that might be better suited for a stage play.  Still, it is stylish and can boast of a great looking cast.  You think Harvey Weinstein was bad...well, see this film and realize the dirty old man may have gone easy on the actresses he preyed on.  Today we look at 2023's "Casting Kill," directed by James Smith.

Arthur Capstone (Rob Laird) is an imposter. He is masquerading as a casting agent trying to find actors and actresses for a major Hollywood production.  The seemingly refined, but slimy fiend lures young talent to his flat in the same neighborhood Jack the Ripper plied his trade.  Arthur is a killer...a perverted one with mommy issues.  He steals cash and credit cards, and then the identities, of the actors who come see him.  Oh yes...the lovely actresses.  Many times, the beast strangles them to death and cuts their toes off.  Arthur enjoys sucking on the severed toes.  Then the handsome and confident Dom (Jack Forsyth-Noble) shows up to audition.  He is not intimidated by the phony Arthur.  Then Ruby (Rachel Chima) arrives.  The babe is desperate for a role and when her money and card are stolen, she insists on Arthur returning them.

Now Dom and Ruby team up to figure out exactly what this casting agent is up to.  They discover some bizarre things about him.  After hours he dresses in drag and pretends to be a long deceased belle du jour actress.  They also bag his place and find the toes and jewelry belonging to actresses that have visited.  Watching out for one another, the pair arrange for call-backs and further snoop.  Now Arthur is aware these two present a danger to his operation.  He figures he must kill them.  Uh oh...Arthur's enemies are actually more substantial than these two great looking Thespians.  The ending will be ambitious and quirky.  Ruby and Dom make a sexy and likable pair. 

Will Dom and Ruby be able to end Arthur's reign of terror?  Will the duo be cast in a horror film if they survive?  Will Arthur demand anything more from the sultry Ruby other than reciting lines?  This is a fun one.  If Broadway was smart, instead of shoving the over-rated and over PC "Hamilton" down our throats, they'd put on "Casting Kill."  For a Masterpiece Theater type horror film, see "Casting Kill."   

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