Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Resonator: Miskatonic U, Where From Beyond Left Off

Korean Cheerleader Bondage!  What!?  Exactly what does this Asian fetish have to do with anything.  Of course, we are dealing with a story inspired by HP Lovecraft.  Throw in a lot of tentacles and maybe we have a new fad.  Seriously, what exactly is Korean Cheerleader Bondage will remain one of the great unanswered questions in film history, posed by today's feature 2021's "The Resonator: Miskatonic U," directed by William Butler.  Get ready for babes, hunks slimy tentacles, and off the chart libidos.

Miskatonic University is our setting. Crawford Tillinghast is a Quantum Physics major who has just seen his lab assistant decapitated by a tentacled creature which emanated from The Resonator.  The Resonator?  His dad invented it and died. Now Crawford wants to put it back together, and he does...with a few kinks. When not in the lab, Crawford takes classes on the afterlife with a very sultry Professor McMichaels (Amanda Weiss) and is harassed by Professor Wallace (Michael Pare), who was his dad's rival.  Also, the sultry Mara (Christine Helene Braa) is his doting GF.  Now Crawford returns to the lab and his buddies insist on helping.  Also in are the sultry blonde Carrie (Amanda Jones), hunk Bear (Alex Keener), and nerd Brandon (Austin Woods).

The hunks and coeds succeed.  The Resonator is recreated...and the aforementioned tentacled creatures come through.  The libidos of each is heightened causing deviant fantasies and intense make-out sessions.  Then the creatures attack. The students fight off the attack but not before being bloodied, impaled, and sexually harassed.  Now Professor Wallace realizes what is going on and makes a move to commandeer the machine.  More monsters are unleashed and a nefarious motive for Professor Wallace and Professor McMichael is hinted at.  More tentacles...more deviant fantasies...and more blood take us through the second half of the film.

Just what do the two professors have planned for The Resonator?  Do the tentacled creatures have deviant plans for Mara and Carrie?  Will we see any Korean cheerleaders, stripped by the slimy creatures, and bound with tentacles...stop!  I withdraw this final question.  This is a fun one from Full Moon Features.  Banned in South Korea...First Place winner in the North Korean Film Festival... "The Resonator: Miskatonic U" is a film you must see.


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