Friday, May 5, 2023

Hard Drive, A Pervert in a Deviant Web

We have a sordid one today.  Our antagonist is a pervert with mommy issues.  This is kind of a Film-Noir-esque, psycho-sexual fantasy film...with a lot of homicide and sex.  It is about time we had another of these films on the blog.  More importantly, this is a 1994 straight-to-video tale that would have found a nice home in either Showtime or Cinemax after 10pm.  Today we look at "Hard Drive" (directed by James Merendino), a prescient tale of what computers will do to us if we let them.

Out of work actor, Will (Leo Damian), is addicted to sex-chat on his computer.  He has a sultry wife, Laura (Belinda Weymouth).  We can't figure out why he is pouring all his sexual energy into a babe (Christina Fulton) on a chat when a real life babe sleeps in the same bed as him. Will fantasizes about sex as he chats with this probably fictional babe, Delilah.  The sex is rough and deviant.  He even is reminded of his hot mother and perhaps desires sex with her.  Then Delilah gets really deviant and wants to meet.  She has it all planned out...Will will break into her home, find her scantily clad, rape her, and murder her.  Delilah tells Will she will have a gun filled with blanks ready for this fantasy.  An address is exchanged and Will is on his way.

Will arrives and breaks in, rapes, and shoots Delilah.  Uh oh...the bullets were real.  Now Will is on the hook for a murder.  But wait...there is a witness, Jack (Matt McCoy). Jack follows Will away from the crime scene and demands a half million dollars.  An unholy relationship begins.  Now Laura tries to leave Will...but just like any chatty woman, she never seems to leave.  Will is then hounded by Jack, his chatty and hot wife, and the guilt of being a killer.  He contemplates suicide.  But wait!  Just who is this Jack guy?  Wait, again!  Why won't his hot wife just leave. Now Will starts thinking with his brain instead of his...well, you know.  What he figures out will endanger just about everyone in Malibu.  Even worse...the bodies will start to pile up.

Is this 1994 film an accurate foretelling of what computers have done to human relationships in the 21st century?  Just who is this Delilah woman?  Is she really a woman?  Who is the woman Will killed while playing out a sex fantasy?  This is a sordid tale that seems to be headed into really bad places.  Erotic, perverted, and an accurate portrait of America's willingness to forfeit human relationships for computerized porn.  See "Hard Drive," and get your fill of deviant sex and murder. 

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