Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fear Chamber, Mexican-Babes Beset by Tentacles and Whipped

Sweaty Latin-babes chained up, stripped, whipped, tortured some more, aroused, and fed to a monster. Need I say more? A Giallo or HP Lovecraft presentation? No!  A neat Boris Karloff film made in Mexico.  Latin-babes must have loved Karloff...the sultry actresses lined up to be whipped, stripped, and violated with tentacles.  I know, who wouldn't?  We do live in a weird time.  One may see this film as an inspiration for Stuart Gordon's "From Beyond," and that is fair. Others will see it as a gratuitous vehicle to see frightened babes in bondage being whipped and violated. That's also fair. Today we have an Edgar Allan Poe story put to film in 1968's "Fear Chamber," directed by Jack Hill and Juan Ibanez.

The sultry Corinne (Julissa) and her colleague/BF Mark (Carlos East) venture deep into a volcano to discover a rock that gives off radio waves suggesting it is alive. The duo brings the rock up to Corinne's dad and head scientist Dr. Martell (Karloff). Martell realizes the rock is alive. Coincidentally, his lab is attached to a boarding house for Mexican babes.  Convenient.  His sultry assistant Helga (Isla Vega) recruits babes.  She will confine them to torture chambers, whip them, strip them, and allow the rock to violate them with tentacles.  Mark, Corinne, Helga, Martell, and a sundry of other lab creeps have been sort of possessed by the rock's intelligence.  The rock needs the pineal gland fluid of the women while they are sexually aroused and terrified.  That's what it eats.  Okay, so its lactose intolerant...we shouldn't judge.

The rock has sprouted tentacles that love to sexually harass babes...a metaphor for most men in western civilization.  Now the lab freaks are sent out to capture more babes.  Uh oh...the babes are now being killed by the rock, too.  The thing is getting hungrier.  As Martell, Corinne, and Mark seem to regain some of their humanity, the evil Helga is all on board for increasing the torture level...and the menu for her new buddy.  Now more babes are stripped, tortured, and violated.  Uh oh again, we see Corinne has been slated for dessert by Helga.  Martell thinks he has figured out a way to rid his lab of the monster and save his babe daughter...but it is a wild plan that probably won't work.

Will Corinne be spending a wedding night with Mark or the rock monster's tentacles?  Will the sultry Helga take over Martell's experiments, and if so, will the rock monster demand anything else from her? Are the tentacles sprouted by the rock monster a metaphor of the modern day reach the Cartels have over Mexico and its government?  See "Fear Chamber," and realize why Mexican babes are big Boris Karloff fans.

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  1. Hi,perhaps you can help me...
    I can't find this old movie from the 80s. It's about magicians. There is a scene there where a magician (i think wearing sunglasses) tries to kill the protagonist (non magical guy) by pointing a finger at him, destroying things around him, but the protagonist does not hear that, cause he's wearing headphones, and walks happily down the street. Finally a witch appears and kills the evil magician from behind. Hmmm...
    It's a B class movie...