Thursday, May 11, 2023

Beyond the Resonator, Mutant Koala Bear of the Undead

Full Moon Features has a neat trilogy out.  Today we look at the second installment, and the sequel to "The Resonator: Miskatonic U."  In today's feature we have the emergence of the fabled Dr. Herbert West as he perfects his re-animation serum.  We also have a monster and a re-animated Koala, hot lesbian chicks groping, kissing, and partaking in blood rites...and slimy monsters.  Today we look at 2022's "Beyond the Resonator," directed by William Butler.

Not all is well at Miskatonic University.  After Crawford's (Dane Oliver) unsuccessful experiments with the resonator, two of his buddies have either been killed or pulled into an alternate dimension.  His babe GF, Mara (Christina Helene Braa) is getting cold on him...and a psycho mom of one of his buddies is commandeering Crawford's machine.  Oh yes, Herbert West (Josh Cole) has moved into off campus housing and begins his experiments down in the basement.  Here, he'll re-animate a koala bear with bad results.  There's more...a sultry alchemy major, Dakota (Mabel Thomas) begins a steamy lesbian affair with Crawford's other buddy, Carrie (Amanda Jones).  The two hot blondes will get quite intimate.

Okay...distraught at losing her son, Julia (Kate Hodge), at gunpoint, orders Crawford to put the resonator back together and see if Brandon still exists somewhere else.  Uh oh...perhaps the Resonator was never turned off.  Slimy monsters from the other side attack.  Mara is barely able to save Crawford and Carrie is stalked by weird beings.  Now Carrie and Dakota get naked, feel each other up...and drink one another's blood.  Even an accident trying to kill the undead bear, the nubile babe Kelly (Victoria Richards) stumbles into the basement with awful results.  

No ending...but a nice intro to the final installment of the be warned.  Will Carrie and Dakota share more fluids other than just their blood?  Will slimy monsters put a damper on Crawford's and Mara's engagement?  Will Julia be successful in bringing her son back into this dimension, and if so...will he be the same old Brandon?  Erotic and gory, "Beyond the Resonator" may not be a complete story in itself, but is a fine bridge to the final installment.   

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