Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Monster Wolf, Hallmark meets Syfy

You have to love those Hallmark movies. You know the ones. A beautiful babe leaves small town USA to make it big in in the corporate world in New York City. Her firm sends her back home to convince her kinfolk and church friends to sell their farmland so some developer can build strip malls there. While there, an old flame comes calling. Years ago he proposed to her and she said no because New York beckoned. Now as she reconnects, she falls back in love with the BF who stayed behind and reconnects with her friends and neighbors.  Now she must convince big city developers to leave the town alone and move on. That's the movie we have today...just throw in a monster wolf.  In a made for Syfy epic, we look at 2010's "Monster Wolf," directed by Todor Chapkanov.

Big Oil drills illegally on Indian land in Louisianan.  This unleashes a monster wolf who hates people who litter...and chews them up.  Stark (Robert Picardo) heads the oil corporation and believes Indians are causing the disembowelment.  Next...send the sultry Maria (Leonor Varela) there.  She's from there and can speak the language of the townsfolk. Her job...get the locals to sell their land to the oil company. Once there, she reconnects with her ex-beau, Yale (Jason London).  He's a good ole boy, and we like him...better than her. Monster wolf also gets more aggressive. It eats anyone he can find that works for the oil company.  Uh oh...Maria works for the oil company now and she is on the creature's menu.

Despite her new arrogance, Maria is still a woman...with needs.  However redneck Yale is...he's still a man with a...well, you know. Mad, passionate pre-marital sex will ensue.  Stark calls in assassins to kill the wolf and the Indian chief (Steve Reevis) who controls most of the land.  Maria reconnects to her past and realizes her survival depends on that reconnection.  Yale is a hunk and we like him and wish he'd find a less stuck-up babe...poor guy deserves one.  Monster wolf gets bolder and now has included assassins, posses, and hunters to its buffet line.

Will Maria's connection to this town ultimately be enough to save everyone from getting eaten by the lycan-thing? Will vicious pre-marital sex with a flaming redneck be enough to kill the bug that's up Maria's a**?  Will Syfy treat us to wonderful Christmas decorations and an old grandmotherly lady cooking a holiday meal?  This is a really swell film.  Gore and steamy passion guide us through a very Hallmark-type story.  For a film that will please both you and your romance-minded babe...see "Monster Wolf."  

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