Monday, April 17, 2023

Satan's Blade, Mountain Cabin of Death

Oh, the 1980s!  The Golden Age of slasher films. How did we miss this one!?  This is so good.  Here's the opening scene. Two babes Trish (Mary Seaman) and Ruth (Meg Greene). rob a bank.  The two beauties, while robbing the bank sexually assault two sultry tellers before riddling them with bullets. The beautiful robbers hide in a mountain cabin and Trish strips for a shower. Ruth strips to some naughty black lingerie. Ruth murders the nude Trish and a mysterious mountain man breaks in and murders Ruth. Today we look at 1984's "Satan's Blade," directed by L. Scott Castillo, Jr. There will be a lot of babes in lingerie or nude in peril in this film.

The legend says that the spirit of a mountain man kills tourists because it is mad that his land has been taken over. Yawn. Okay, two cabins exist in the mountain. One is rented by babe Stephanie (Stephanie Leigh Steel) and her four skank buddies. They'll shower, paint their toenails, and hang out in negligees. Stephanie will try to steel the husbands from the babes next door. Next door is hunk Tony (Tom Bongiorno), his wife Lisa (Elisa R. Malinovitz), hunk Al (Thomas Cue), and his babe wife Lil (Janeen Lowe). In a drunken stupor, Tony and Al will do a panty-raid on the skanks next door. Okay, that homicidal spirit? It is back and has a sharp dagger. 

As the skanks have gratuitous showers and toenail painting scenes...the quartet next door acts more civilized. Stephanie will make a move for Tony.  The spirit in the form of a psycho-killer begins the weeding out process.  So many nude or negligee clad beauties will die so horribly. Stephanie will continue trying to have extra-marital sex with Tony, and the skanks will continue to die in bloody fashion. An all out attack looms as Al and Tony prove incapable of setting up a plan of defense. What follows is really bloody and heartbreaking.  Many of the kills are elongated and we really feel sad for the beautiful victims...not much so for thew clueless hunks who should be protecting them.

Will Stephanie pry Tony away from Lisa?  Might one of the babes, maybe Lisa, be the real killer? Is Stephanie too slutty to die? I bet you have never heard that question before. This is a gem from the 1980s which probably has been missed by all you slasher connoisseurs. For an alluring and bloody good time, see a great 1980's slasher film, "Satan's Blade." 

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