Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Exposure, Miami Models Die Horribly

Misogyny! In the movies it is either a device to chronicle western civilizations disrespect for womanhood...or merely a prurient device to amuse divorced guys. Either way...is this theme one which serves to enslave and victimize females?  From an exploitation and horror viewpoint...well, it can be fun. There I said it.  Perhaps, even women might find it...a turn on.  There, I said it again. It also gives Corey Feldman an avenue to turn in a 90 minute impression of Jimmy Durante. The beautiful will die so horribly in this one in what may be a weird and twisted remake of the Albert Finney/Susan Dey film, "Looker." Today we look at 2013's "Exposure," directed by Gordon Scott Venters.

Weird Seth Black (Feldman, looking a lot like Jimmy Durante) runs a top modeling agency in Miami. Every babe would kill to be picked up by this agency.  As the film begins a sultry model, after being raped, tortured, experimented on, and given an acid shower, has her stem cells removed. Mad scientist Aaron (Barry Joy Minoff) has created an anti-aging cream made from the stem cells of babes. Models in Seth's agency are all murdered for their stem cells in order that this anti-aging cream can be made. Here comes Nikki (Jolyne Lowery)...a babe from Carolina. She wants to be a supermodel and gets picked up by Seth's agency.  More babes get horribly mutilated and have their cells removed.  Seth begins prepping Nikki to make her the latest babe sacrifice.

Okay, Seth is quite the psycho. If he doesn't use the babes for their stem cells, he turns his henchman, Damien (Jeffrey Michael) onto them. Damien murders the babes with deadly industrial tools. Very gory. Seth and Aaron believe Nikki has what it takes to be the face of the modeling agency and the Miami social scene.  Nikki hasn't a clue...oh, wait!  She does have a clue.  Nikki isn't as na├»ve as originally thought. Now we see Nikki has no intention of being a victim.  She has a nice gun and a twisted idea for revenge. Revenge...for what?  I didn't mention her sap boyfriend Blain (John Fiore)...hunk.  See, Seth saw Blain as unnecessary baggage and sent Damien after him.

Enough of the plot.  Seedy, twisted, gory, sexy, and all misogynistic. Will Nikki get dissected...or will Seth be dissected?  Will Aaron's anti-aging cream convince American females that a few dead babes is worth the sacrifice to get rid of wrinkles?  Will anyone other than me admit to enjoying this film? See "Exposure," you won't have to tell anyone else you saw it...or even enjoyed it.   

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