Friday, April 7, 2023

Stash, Pot Head Misogyny

Kentucky!  West Virginia has mutant hillbillies and Kentucky has pot head misogynists.  If you are from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, or Vermont...stay away.  Believe me, the peeps in Kentucky will appreciate it. Today's feature is set in Kentucky, deep in the woods.  It is brutal, without humor, and hard to watch.  What happens to three young women, seeking to empower themselves and make differences in their communities...will shock you.  Get ready for 2007's "Stash," directed by Jacob Ennis.

Here's the deal, Bud (Kevin Taylor) lives in a remote cabin deep in the Kentucky woods.  He grows and distributes marijuana. One day he catches CJ (Nathan Day) and Stan (Stacey T. Gillespie) trying to steal his weed.  Instead of killing the duo, Bud spares their lives. The catch?  Bud orders the thieves to abduct three babes and deliver them to him.  Bud intends to rape, torture, humiliate, and murder the babes. Along comes coed Sarah (Karen Boles).  She'll break down and be abducted by the duo...and of course delivered to Bud.  In Bud's basement, she is chained in a cell.  There are more cells and one contains Jenny (Elysee).

Rape and torture ensue.  The cops get wind of this and begin investigating the disappearance of three women.  They'll have to work fast.  Jenny's mom (Debbi Rochon) is a drunk but eventually puts a lot of pressure on the cops to find her daughter. Bud has already murdered one of the gals...and we see that Jenny and Sarah will also be murdered soon if they are not rescued.  Bud also injects the babes with heroin to keep them docile.  Sarah's dad (Chris Begley) and Detective Killborn (Billy W. Blackwell) will do heroics in their attempt to save the gals...but will it be too little too late?

Do Jenny and Sarah have a prayer at surviving?  If they do survive, what will remain of their sanity after Bud's torture and rape of them?  Will this film effectively keep New Yorkers out of Kentucky?  This is perhaps the true aim of this film.  It won't be easy to watch, but to see a film as pure as Kentucky moonshine...see "Stash." 

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