Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Island of Terror, Tentacled Fiends Eat Island

Okay, I know.  If Roger Corman made a movie featuring tentacled monsters and the sultry Carole Gray...well...let's just say prurient plot lines would abound.  Fear not...nothing with tentacles in this film seek to breed with the lovely actress.  Still...Peter Cushing will seek to arrange a threesome with the babe. Look closely and you can discern that Ms. Gray is surprised and alarmed by the offer.  Irrelevant to the plot, Ms. Gray screams sedated well...and screams some more. Today we look at 1966's "Island of Terror," directed by Terence Fisher.

Dr. Phillips (Peter Forbes-Robertson) has a lab in a mansion on an isolated Irish isle.  Here's the rub...he is on the verge of curing cancer...just one more little experiment.  Right!  We all know how this is going to go. Alas, Dr. Phillips and his scientists are reduced to boneless corpses.  See, he created monsters, not intentionally, and like the results of a so-called vaccine of our time...lots will die. Dr. Brian Stanley (Cushing), the brilliant pathologist and bone expert, Dr. David West-hunk (Edward Judd) are summoned.  West brings his socialite GF, Toni (Gray).  Stanley tries to move in on them and suggests a threesome and is quickly rebuffed. Soon after their arrival, the creations multiply and quickly there are hundreds of tentacled things eating islanders' bones and waving their tentacles.

Toni will scream and now Brian and David will quickly sedate her.  She may be a babe, but the screaming was just too much.  With no more interest in threesomes, Brian and David delve into Dr. Phillips' notes and try to figure out exactly what these things are.  Too bad Pfizer did not have these two scientists.  As the things multiply more, reduce more blokes to bags of jelly, our two heroes put together an ambitious plan before Toni awakes and screams some more.  Then the ending. Oh boy is it horrific ...and for more reasons than just the fiends with'll see.

Will Toni find true love with Dave, or with Dave and Brian, or with a tentacle?  Is the plan hatched by the two scientists too little too late?  Have we learned our lesson yet about trusting pharmaceutical companies claiming to have cures for awful diseases?  This is a good one and genuinely horrific in scope.  For a chilling good time, see "Island of Terror."    

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