Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Straun House, Poor Man's Re-Animator

Mad scientists who invent mysterious glowing liquids for injections. Can't argue with that plot device. Of course, when those glowing liquids are injected into blood streams, the results are quick and usually lead to death, destruction and dismemberment...or melting and insanity...or hopefully, all of the above. Today we look at 2005's "The Straun House" (aka "Dr. Rage"), directed by Jeff Broadstreet. Perhaps a flawed film, but the final 20 minutes shouldn't be missed. 

Through some weird events, cab driver Michael (Stephen Polk) is arrested. His weird lawyer, Molly (Karen Black), gets him spared jail time...with a catch. Michael must submit to be a test-subject for a new experimental treatment for rage. Yep, he must become the charge of mad-scientist Dr. Straun (Andrew Divoff). This is a weird madman who spends his free time in a straight jacket. Good news, Dr. Straun's intern is the sultry Susan (Denice Duff). She is very professional for now but will eventually become a sex-crazed all too familiar story in our own lives. Okay, the testing starts and Michael is injected with the glowing yellow stuff. Little does Michael know, previous test subjects are locked up in cells in the basement of this facility.

Susan, the babe that she is, tries to keep her relationship with Michael professional. Little does she know...she is also a test-subject for Dr. Straun. Now Straun plays the voyeur through an intricate surveillance system, is able to enjoy scenes of rough deviant sex between his two subjects. Straun is very ambitious and is able to addict the local homeless population to his new drug. So, what does this drug do? Initially, this drug brings out rage...and lust...but what is locked in the basement will eventually reveal a more sordid and horrifying use for the concoction. Of course, the locked subjects in the basement will get out and...well, you'll see.

Will Susan's and Michael's lust for each other survive the injections of Straun's rage drug? Will whatever is locked up in the basement also want some action from Susan? Is whatever Dr. Straun is doing any different than what our CDC is involved in? The final 20 minutes of this film make it all worthwhile, so don't be put off by the choppiness of the first hour. For some deviant fun and mad-scientist frolics...see "The Straun House." 

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