Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Rise of the Beast, Big Gorilla vs. Activists

Yes...we will be cheering for the big gorilla.  Evolution!  We don't hear much about this ethereal concept anymore.  Science fiction films used to dwell on it.  One wonders if today's woke America sees the danger to themselves if they pursue evolution...just saying.  Max Brooks wrote this film, with Fil Freitas, and it is not so much about "evolution," but more so about "De-Evolution," or "Devolution."  This makes sense when speaking of what is really happening in America, at least intellectually.  In other a species we are not progressing, but beginning to take steps backwards.  Today we look at 2022's "The Rise of the Beast," directed by Jack Ayers.

A group of animal "rights" activists decide to raid a science lab where, they believe, testing is taking place on our furry friends.  John (Arthur Boan) is the leader of this ANTIFA related group.  With him is his GF Elena (Sarah T. Cohen), babe Faith (Sian Altman), Andy (George Nettleton), and Pete (Peter Jeffries). Not an impressive lot...and not that smart.  See, there isn't any animal testing going on...unless you characterize humans as animals.  A government grant seeks to create a perfect soldier...a true killing machine.  Whatever it escaped and now hunts the lab personnel.  Amid this carnage, the activists arrive.  Some 15 foot tall gorilla is not happy and loves to rip limbs off its prey.

Now the activists are battling soldiers who guard the laboratory...and the monster gorilla.  Uh oh... the scientists, headed by the uber-mad scientist Dr. Kafka (Heather Jackson) are continuing their experiments even as the gorilla runs amok. Initially the activists are all ripped apart or caught.  Dr. Kafka is very happy at this and desires to inject the activists with her secret formula.  John manages to escape and try to rescue his mates...especially the babes in his group.  Uh oh...this may not go as well as he expects.  Our 15 foot tall friend is not into political causes and has no affection for ANTIFA like groups...imagine that. What results?  It'll be very broad scope and sometimes hard to watch.

Will our gorilla friend succeed in ending the ANTIFA threat?  Will the FBI and the Oval Office object to their informants and undercover agents being ripped apart by a Department of Defense experiment? How soon can we send 15 foot tall gorillas into central Europe to replace our soldiers who dawdling in Romania?  Flawed, yes, but "The Rise of the Beast" is an interesting movie that perhaps presents a nice metaphor for 21st century America.

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