Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Dead West, A Smooth and Suave Serial Killer

1986's "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" may have been a touch over-rated by movie audiences.  Probably because the subject matter fascinated the public.  What makes a serial killer tick? Here's another question...perhaps a whole lot more uncomfortable...do we, ourselves, have a bit of serial killer inside our psyches?  They are, we're told, smart.  They are confident.  They are relentless.  Goal orientated.  In movies, often handsome.  Okay, don't flatter yourselves...you are not serial killers. Today we look at 2016's "Dead West," directed by Jeff Ferrell.

His name is Duane (Brian Sutherland).  He's smooth...a real lady-killer literally and figuratively. He seeks the woman of his dreams.  The hunk is trying hard.  We accompany him as he meets some sultry babes that at first, seem like they may be his dream girl.  Charlene (Carollani Sandberg) is first.  She'll make a great first impression...then like all women, she begins talking.  Okay...sorry...I don't really mean that. I'm just trying to endear myself to the divorced-men crowd. Duane guts her in an alley.  A sultry waitress is next...and then there are a lot more.  The big sin for these babe victims seems to be the first impressions they give off don't hold.  Duane is a drifter and moves east.  Uh oh for Duane, Tony (Jeffrey Arrington) is on his tail.  Tony saw his face and also happens to be  Charlene's brother. 

Duane keeps picking up babes.  We watch him as he studies them, has pre-marital sex with them, and then we wince when the ladies say something stupid, snort, show selfishness, or get grouchy.  Then, they get gutted by Duane.  Tony gets closer...but we won't mention him anymore.  The ladies fall...then he meets Roxy (Meagan Naser).  Her boyfriend did her wrong...though we sense she might have had it coming.  Duane takes pity on her and lo' and behold...she seems to be the real thing.  Okay, she's an exotic dancer/prostitute...but let us not be judgmental.  Duane is prepared to do so much for her and we plead with the screen that Roxy doesn't do anything annoying.  Right, I know...fat chance!

Is Roxy a keeper?  Will Tony ever end the wrath of Duane?  Is this a misogynist picture...or is it decidedly anti-male?  Perhaps the two sexes deserve one another.  In any case, we really do feel bad for the gutted babes.  This is film is a portrait of a tortured soul.  Remember you young women out there...don't trust any guy!  This film will show you why.  See "Dead West," and try not to be seduced by Brian Sutherland's character, Duane.  

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