Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Screaming Dead, A Pervert, Some Nude Models, and a Vengeful Ghost

Flawed? Sure.  Still...a lot of fun. Whenever three nude models are thrown into a plot, fine cinema isn't far behind.  Oh yeah...did I mention an old abandoned insane asylum as the setting for a photo-shoot?  Yes! Does it get any better?  Hunks?  Sure...they'll grunt and do stupid things.  Today we have a neat one from 2003, "The Screaming Dead," directed by Brett Piper.  There will be gratuitous plot devices including...well, you'll see.

Roger (Joseph Farrell) is a sleaze photographer.  He loves photographing babes, chained and in the throes of death and climax. I know...who doesn't?  He hires three models for an avantgarde photo shoot; Bridget (Erin Brown, aka Misty Mundae), Lauren (Heidi Kristoffer), and Jennifer (C.J. DiMarsico). Also going to the shoot will be babe assistant Maura (Rachel Robbins).  Roger is a dictator and requires his gals to obey him an never talk back. This will, of course, be a problematic requirement.  He rents an old abandoned asylum for the weekend.  The property company mandates Roger be supervised by their guy, Sam (Rob Monkiewicz). He's quite the hunk and will make moves on the gals as he makes sure Roger is not damaging the property. 

Sam and Maura get sweet on one another.  Roger scouts for a torture chamber to do his shoots in.  The gals engage in gratuitous showers and are forced into lesbian sex by Roger.  Roger has hidden cameras everywhere and he is quite the voyeur.  Then the ghost of the mad doctor of the old asylum appears. He loves torturing and marring lovelies.  Now he is after the gals.  When Roger finds the torture chamber, the ghost uses Roger to get the gals into it.  Once there, unimaginable pain and torture await.  Sam continues to try to get in Maura's pants but when the ghost takes Maura into the chamber, he decides to fight the entity.  Now Sam must fight the pervert Roger and the ghost.

Will the instruments of torture put ends to the modeling careers of the three lovely nude models? Will Roger be possessed by the ghost?  Will Sam be able to salvage at least one of the lovelies for pre-marital sex?  This is a good one and very prurient.  For a neat horror story with classic slasher and H.P. Lovecraft themes, see "The Screaming Dead." 

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  1. I laughed so hard it hurt- at 2am, I didn’t know what to do; now, I’m up for a while, then try again…to sleep- that was wonderfully detailed- thank you!