Thursday, April 13, 2023

Swingers Massacre, Perk Up Your Love Life With a Sniper Rifle

Deviant sex, as portrayed in movies, rarely works out well. No one ever says, "Gee, the whip thing worked out really well...I'm so glad we tried that!" Whips, chocolate sauce, silly string, or even audiences have worked to humiliate peeps or just plain make them look silly.  Swinging is no exception. Today we look at 1974's "Swingers Massacre" (aka "Inside Army"), directed by Ronald Victor Garcia.  The swinging in this film will yield humiliation...and bloodshed.

Amy (Jan Mitchell) is a babe. She's married to a rich lawyer, Charlie (Mikel Angel). Their sex life is in the toilet.  See, he can't perform. Amy says she loves him anyway.  Charlie blames monotony and convinces Amy to try swinging. She rejects this plan but he forces her.  Now Charlie drags her to a swinging party where three other great looking couples await.  Amy is hesitant. Charlie is eager.  After initial cocktails, the octet get underway.  Uh oh...Amy is a hit.  Every guy there claim she was the best lay they ever had. Uh oh, again...even some of the babes say Amy was the best lay they ever had. Charlie?  Dud.  All the women he tries having extra-marital sex with must finish the job with a vibrator.

Now Charlie has an image problem. His self-esteem is through the floor. Amy is making friends and wants to go to more parties and trysts.  Charlie goes all homicide. The targets?  The men at the party that made his wife scream in climax.  Sadly, the women at the party that did the same are also targets. One by one, the couples assume room temperature.  The cops close in.  They put two and two together and question the dwindling amount of swingers in southern California.  Amy...well, she is basking in satisfaction, experimentation, and self worth.  No scrapbooking or book clubbing for Amy, nope.  As the number of swingers declines...we see Amy, herself, may be in peril from Charlie.  The killings are awkward, though so is swinging...I would imagine.  

If Amy survives, will she eventually graduate to the world of BDSM or cosplay?  Is a little homicide (or a lot of homicide) just what Amy and Charlie need to put a spark back in their marriage? Is this a morality tale that has kept "swinging" from becoming a bigger party game than Pictionary?  A morality tale indeed, told through a prurient story. See "Swingers Massacre" and do not let it inspire anything in you except fidelity. 

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