Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell, Frisky Green Thing Runs Amok

Most of you will know this film as "Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake." Today we have a surprisingly good one.  This movie probably premiered at drive-ins.  I suspect Roger Corman had this one on his mind when he created "Humanoids From the Deep." A slimy thing from the depths, some nice gore, and babes in peril from unimaginable horror.  Today we look at "Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell," directed by Bill Rebane. 

As our film begins, an amorous couple is making out.  Kelly (Glenn Scherer) tells babe Chris (Doreen Moze) why they will dive on an island lake. Kelly tells a story of events from his childhood. A young Kelly (Brad Ellingson) finds a prehistoric dinosaur bone.  Hence, sultry paleontologist Elli (Karen McDiarmid) and her niece Susan (Julie Wheaton) come to the island.  Kelly's dad, John (Alan Ross), is a hunk of a park ranger and will be their guide.  Meanwhile, another paleontologist is speared by a frog monster in the island lake.  Now Elli finds out from the island hermit, Charlie (Jerry Gregoris), about the Indian legend of Rana.  Rana is a monster that protects Indian gold.  Three loggers, who are actually onto this legend, come to the island as well to seek the gold.  Alas, these three will meet a gruesome fate but not after sexually assaulting the steamy Susan.  Susan?  Sultry, as well...and wears her pink swimsuit nicely.

Okay...with John's help Elli gets no closer to discovering anything.  Susan has some nice scenes in her swimsuit.  Young Kelly drools over this swimsuit beauty.  Rana, the creature, gets aggressive.  His kills will be gory.  While not discovering anything, Elli learns about the Rana legend.  Uh oh...Rana sees Elli and Susan and he is in love.  What happens next will offend sensibilities but be arousing to fans of Roger Corman's more deviant films.  Our frog monster will get more aggressive and more homicidal.

Will Elli's and Susan's purity be preserved or will Rana have something to say about that?  Will the adult Kelly be able to stop Rana from swapping spit with his GF Chris?  Does Rana have plans for the babes in this film?  The answers are horrific.  Perhaps low budget, but the gore is terrific and the green creature is, too.  For a prurient good time, see an old drive-in classic, "Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell."  


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