Monday, October 30, 2023

Zombie 3, The Death Shot

The Death Shot!  Death 1 it is called.  Gotta beware when the military scientists give you a shot of Death 1.  Even Fauci and the CDC changed the name with their wonder va**ine.  Same result.  Anyway, when this film was made in 1988 no one could have known what the CDC and a certain mad scientist or two had planned.  Today, this 80s Italian horror film proves quite prescient.  From Italy and The Philippines we have a film directed by both Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei, "Zombie 3." 

As our film begins mad scientist, Dr. Holder (Robert Marius) gives a guy in an incubator a shot of his creation...Death 1.  It makes him a flesh eating zombie after disfiguring his face with boils.  Now the schmuck is leaking puss.  Soldiers in containment suits riddle it with machine guns.  Now General Morton (Mike Monty), who is as stupid as our General Milley, burns the corpse putting its ashes into the jet stream.  Birds are made into zombies and attack an RV filled with babes.  Poor Lia (Deborah Bergamini).  She'll lose her beauty and turn into a puss leaking flesh eater who eats her babe friends.  Three off-duty soldiers (Deran Sarafian, Massimo Vanni, and Octaviano Dell'Acqua) join the babes.  Now a whole town is infested with zombies.  The three soldiers and the babes find an overrun hotel.

Patricia (Beatrice Ring) is trying to drive her BF to the hospital.  He was bitten and getting pussier.  One of the soldiers takes Carol (Marina Loi) with him to help find doctors.  The sultry Carol will have her legs eaten off and try to eat the soldier Bo.  Back at the hotel a deluge of puss-ridden zombies attack.  The gore and disembowelments will turn many of the babes into hamburger.  The zombies seem to be infinite and are everywhere.  One by one, the babes and soldiers fall prey.  Now Nancy (Ulli Reinthaler), Patricia, and a couple of soldiers are on the run.  Bad news...the military is ordered to murder all the zombies and survivors.  No one in the containment area is to be left alive.  Here's a warning, there will be a scene when a zombie baby explodes out of its mom's tummy and eats the face of a good intentioned babe.  Perhaps a metaphor for America's response to the nonsense that was C***d 19.

Will anyone survive the zombie hordes or the soldiers in containment suits?  Will any of the babes make it to the final credits with their beauty or faces intact?  Will the containment area spread to the rest of the planet?  This is a prophetic film that one can insert many of today's villains (Fauci, Milley, and the CDC ).  For some great Italian gore, Fulci style, see "Zombie 3."      

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