Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Employer, Stilettos and Strangulation in Corporate America

Anything with Malcolm McDowell is a worthwhile watch.  Something about him and his performances are just so right.  Today's film has him as a CEO of a gigantic great white shark of a venture capital firm. His company buys other companies, strips their assets, and sends them to the ash heap. With the corruption of the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division, Malcolm McDowell's character and corporation is quite a realistic portrayal of what America's government is breeding and rewarding.  Today we look at 2012's "The Employer," directed by Frank Merle.

The Employer (McDowell) interviews five young sharks...all willing to do anything required for the corporation.  All do well in the first interview stage proving they're ruthless.  All claim there is nothing they would not do for the corporation...nothing! James (David Dastmalchian) appears to be a good soul and does not really fit in with those he's competing against.  Sandra (Paige Howard) is a babe who seems like a good sort...but just wait.  Keith (Michael DeLorenzo) is a devious and unlikable New Yorker type.  Mike (Matthew Willig) is a work-out freak with a temper.  Then there is Billie (Katerina Kopel), a slut in a tight black party dress and stilettos.  We like Billie the best...but only because she looks great in stilettos.

Okay, all five are kidnapped and deposited into a bank vault type room.  They are told by the Employer that the one who survives will be hired.  Only after four have been killed in the room will the vault door be opened.  Now the task at hand...start killing and get a job.  The five, hesitantly, make a pact with themselves not to kill.  This lasts a few minutes.  The weapons have been taken away from our candidates before being put into the room...but one may be amazed what can be used for a weapon.  Blood will spurt and surprises abound,   There is a vacancy for an analyst position to be had...is there anything worth more?

Will there be a lone survivor?  Does the Employer really intend to live up to his part of the bargain? Will Billie's stilettos come in to play in the carnage?  As we see Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and the corporate media do business above the law with full protection from a corrupt government, "The Employer" becomes a perfect metaphor for what America has become.  Capitalism is dead and replaced by a fascist like perversion between corporate America and government.  See "The Employer" and get a better understanding on how the Fortune 500 is run. 

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