Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Rain Killer, Psycho Guts Wealthy Women

Today we have a Neo-Noir erotic thriller!  Set in Los Angeles during a period of very rainy nights.  A downtrodden homicide detective hitting the bottle.  Dangerous femmes.  Plenty of suspects. Alas, some attractive, well-dressed dames dying horribly at the hands of a psycho killer.  Even the score is right out of those old Film Noir private eye films.  Our feature today is 1990's "The Rain Killer," directed by Ken Stein.

Poor Elizabeth (Kathleen Klein)!  An emancipated women of the post-women's lib era.  Successful and on her own, a psycho killer guts her on an Amtrak train.  Even worse...she was a witness in an FBI case.  This brings Special Agent Dalton (David Beecroft) to the LAPD to help the bumbling and drunk homicide detective, Vince Capra (Ray Sharkey) solve the case.  A serial killer has struck before, many times...same M.O.  Always a very rainy night.  Leaves no clues or witnesses.  Capra hates the prim and proper FBI guy but is forced to work with him. The two begin finding clues and connections between the babes.  Each victim was a former user currently in a support group called "The Sewing Club." This support group is for wealthy women...and just happens to be run by Dalton's soon to be ex-wife, the sexy Adele (Tania Coleridge).

Adele hates Dalton.  Capra and Dalton go to interview Adele about her support group.  Capra and Adele hit it off and soon will engage in plenty of steamy and deviant sex.  This makes Dalton mad.  Uh oh...the killer keeps striking.  Then, after a sleazy stripper (Maria Ford) is killed, the cops think they have their man. Rosewell (Woody Brown) seems to be the guy...his wife is in the support group and he is arrested. The cops have to let him go and Capra does not believe he is the killer. Adele and Capra will continue to get naked and naughty together.  More babes will be gutted.  Dalton will continue to look good in ties and cufflinks.  Where is this all going?  You might guess it halfway through but Adele's sex with Capra will be steamy and keep your interest.

Is there any chance Adele is the killer?  Is Rosewell really the killer or is that too easy?  Because Adele is in euphoria in her sex with Capra, does Dalton have to kill him?  Steamy, vicious, and a pretty good mystery, "The Rain Killer" will keep you guessing while exciting you in a prurient way.  See "The Rain Killer" and plunge your movie taste into deviance and murder.    

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