Friday, November 3, 2023

Camp Killer, Final Girls vs. Psychos

Did anyone actually go see My Dinner With Andre? Who would (other than those Siskel and Ebert types)? Two dull New Yorkers getting together and catching up on their dull lives. about if instead of Andre and his boring about two final girls planning their own rampage.  Or maybe two psychos reflecting on hundreds of their kills.  Then...maybe if those characters were in it we'd see it in a second.  That's kind of what we have today in 2016's "Camp Killer," directed by Shawn Jones.  A film heavy high on conversation...and gory kills.

Hunks and babes!  All will die...or most of them.  The opening scene of this film is so classic. Campers roasting weenies while talking about the murders that occurred in these same woods.  The sultry Debbie (Sam Witala) and her BF Billy (Bob Marshall) will go off and be murdered while engaging in pre-marital sex.  The nubile Steph (Jackie Caste) will flash us her topside for no reason at all and then have her throat slit.  More gory killings will occur but Tina (Melissa LaMartina) will run away and survive.  She'll run to a cabin and face the killer, David (James Watkins) and be rescued by Jack the sheriff (Jimmyo Burril).  Here's where the film breaks down into two main conversations.

See...Jack is not the good guy.  He'll meet the psycho killer in the bar.  The two are attached by a curse that demands he and David murder 666 campers.  Jack will always kill David and save the final girl. The powers of darkness will then resurrect David and the two can do it all again.  At the station, Tina meets a weird gal, Alice (April Monique Burril).  She is also a final girl.  The two plan to invade the bar and murder the psychos.  Before that happens the two pairs have lengthy conversations about stuff like all the ways David murdered nubiles and hunks...or the trials and tribulations of being a 'final girl.'  The insight is clever and more interesting than talk of motorcycles or scrapbooking.  Then the gals will force the issue and a new round of gore and disembowelment will occur. 

What is Tina and Alice's plan for their confrontation with the two psychos?  What exactly is the relationship between the psycho sheriff and the psycho psycho?  Would many of the 1980s artsy-fartsy films have been better attended if they included pre-marital sex and gory killings in them?  This is a fun one with familiar tropes.  For nubile and sometimes nude babes in peril and psychos with a definite purpose...see "Camp Killer."   

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