Thursday, November 23, 2023

Curucu, Beast of the Amazon, Sweaty Babe in Peril in the Jungle

She's a babe.  Beverly Garland! One of the greatest horror film actresses ever.  She plied her trade before the term "Scream Queen" was invented.  Two years after "Creature from the Black Lagoon," a rip-off was made.  No Julie Adams in a white swimsuit in this one.  To take her place...Beverly Garland in white jungle attire!  The nubile lass would sweat a lot and even have a scene in which she is carried away by a fiendish jungle/river creature.  Today we look at 1956's "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon," directed by Curt Siodmak.  Unlike "Creature," this film was indeed shot entirely in the Amazon.

She's a hot doctor.  Empowered in a man's world.  She thinks she will save the world and cure cancer.  Poppycock!  She's a dame!  When a brute named Rock (John Bromfield) grabs her, against her will, pulls her in and plants a wet and passionate kiss on her ruby red lips...well, she's tamed.  Alas, Dr. Andrea Grant (Garland) is conquered.  Yes!  Now, this is a man's movie! Of more serious concern to Rock and Andrea is a weird monster that crawls out of the Amazon River and shreds Indian workers.  Now all the workers are horrified off the plantations and flee back into the jungle to avoid the river monster.

Rock is asked by the plantation owners to travel up the Amazon and kill the fiend.  Andrea wants to go with him because she believe headhunting tribes have the cure for cancer.  Silly, I know, but she is a babe so we'll give her what she wants...including being pawed, sexually harassed, and kissed at will by the brute, Rock.  Tarantulas, snakes, piranha, wild cats, and headhunters will menace the duo.  The headhunters will fall for Andrea before they abduct her.  Like any woman who thinks she's empowered, she will need a man to save her...enter Rock!  As the duo get closer to the mystery of this clawed river creature, the natives get more perilous.  Now the formerly friendly headhunters desire to shrink the heads of Rock of Andrea. 

In addition to planting a hard wet one on the nubile Andrea, what else will the sweaty Rock do to the sweaty and wanting Andrea in the hot jungle?  Do the headhunters really have the secret to curing cancer?  Will the blonde and sweaty Andrea change the minds of the headhunters about eating her?  This is a good one.  Beverly Garland is hot, literally and figuratively.  Why don't men kiss women like Rock kisses Andrea anymore?  Sexual harassment aside, today's men could learn a lot from this film... and today's women are just waiting for men to learn these lessons.  For a sweaty good time, see "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon."  

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