Sunday, November 5, 2023

Captive, Vampire in the Basement

...beware, it won't stay in the basement. Another Tubi original today and another terrific one.  If you were wondering what Scout Taylor-Compton was up to, wonder no more.  She's sultry in this one.  her nemesis is the hunk Cody Frank, the toothy chained thing in the basement.  Here's some wisdom one may glean from this film.  If you ever find someone in chains...they probably deserve to be there.  No matter how hot they are...leave them be and keep going.  Today we look at 2023's "Captive," directed by Gregg Simon.

Ashley (Compton), quite the babe, is stuck with a heel of a BF, Luke (Michael Lovato). Her buddy, the beautiful Crystal (Tasie Lawrence) tries to keep her cheerful. Their other buddies are quite juvenile. Ed (Ryan Stajmigar) is a pothead with a line on a mansion that will be vacant over the weekend.  Hesitantly, Ashley, Crystal, Luke, a few others agree to sneak into the house and party until the owners return on Sunday night.  Immediately they find the hunk Drake (Frank) chained in the basement.  Idiots!  He looked so nice and sexy...they cut him loose.  Now he is free to leave or join the party.  He joins the party.  He is also a vampire and hungry.

Ed distributes pot to everyone...he has quite the supply and some interesting bongs.  Drake gravitates to Ashley and charms her.  Eek!  What follows will be hard to watch. A lot of blood will spurt.  Ashley is turned by Drake.  At first she does not want to eat her friends, especially Crystal.  This lasts 10 seconds.  Now Ashley looks at her buddies as if they were a buffet line.  Crystal?  Yep, she hungers for Crystal, but her hunger gets even more taboo, you'll see.  Drake convinces Ashley to get more food at the party.  The band arrives as do unsuspecting idiots desiring pot and pre-marital sex.  What follows will be one of the bloodiest massacres you will ever see on film.  We pull for Crystal and plead that she will escape. 

Do any humans have a chance at surviving until the end credits?  Will Ashley make-out with Crystal or eat her neck?  If Ashley and Drake survive the evening what will the future hold for the new lovebirds?  This is a good one filled with gore, pre-marital sex, and a great swimsuit worn by Ms. Compton.  Erotic and bloody, treat yourself to a fantastic vampire film, and see "Captive."  

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