Saturday, November 11, 2023

I Am Rage, Tainted Blood

What happens when the mentally unbalanced hit the dating scene?  Better question!  What happens when psycho killers hit the dating scene?  You divorced men have an answer for this.  Still, psycho gals may have an advantage, especially if their new boyfriends are cultists, or human blood harvesters.  We have a bloody one to look at today.  There will be a lot of killing, gore, torture, and relationships gone bad.  Our feature today from Scotland, 2023's "I Am Rage," directed by David Ryan Keith.

Erin (Hannaj Bang Bendz) is quite the babe.  Her new BF, Adam (Derek Nelson) is quite the hunk. He decides to take her on a camping trip...or that is what he tells her.  Poor Adam. He actually plans to drain her blood and sell the blood to cultists who derive youth from it. Erin's blood is different.  It is filled with rage. We're getting ahead of ourselves.  Adam and Erin meet his brother, Michael (Luke Aquilina) and his babe GF Sarah (Antonia Whillans) in the wilderness.  Sarah and Erin will bond.  The brothers bring the gals to see their parents, Peter (Jamie B. Chambers) and Ruth (Debbie Sheridan). Ruth takes an unnatural interest in Sarah.  Anyway, the babes are drugged at dinner and the family begins draining their blood.  Here's the rub...Erin needs her psyche meds...often.  If deprived of them she turns into a monster (you divorced guys can relate), filled with rage and homicide. Adam took her meds away.

Erin turns superhuman and busts out of her binds.  The killing starts.  The cult of blood letters are now scrambling.  Turns out they have a whole corral of prisoners in a dungeon who they are draining the blood from.  Enter Margret (Marta Svetek). Pure psycho, Marta is a killer bent on keeping the family business alive. The sultry blonde sees Erin as a formidable challenge.  Erin goes through cultists like crap through a goose.  Margret is tired of watching her enterprise die.  Now Margret thinks she has what it takes to stop Erin.  How did Erin become like this?  You'll see.  You will also see the extent of her rage...and it is superhuman, or close to it.

What created Erin and her rage?  Does Margret have what it takes to stop her?  As globalism dies out and the Klaus Schwabs look increasingly irrelevant, does a cult harvesting human blood or any other organ stand a chance in a world economy that seems to be returning to civilization state influence? This is a bloody one with some great babes and hunks.  The gore and torture may cause you to turn your head at times.  You won't see any mercy or wit in this one.  See "I Am Rage" and make way for little guys and psychos as they will inherit the world.       

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