Friday, November 17, 2023

The Demon, Pre-School Teacher in Peril

Wow!  The ending to this one was sensational.  Nakedness, gore, screaming...and spurting blood.  More movies should end this way. When its all over one may wonder if they saw a slasher film or a supernatural horror film.  Even though Cameron Mitchell is in this thing, Jennifer Holmes, in her often naked performance, gets top billing.  This has the feel of a Giallo film from Italy.  Perhaps that is because a lot of naked babes are in great peril.  Made in South Africa, this one can boast of nubile babes and gore.  Today we look at 1979's "The Demon," directed by Percival Rubens. 

As our film begins a mysterious being (Graham Kennard) sneaks into a home and nearly murders a mom (Moira Winslow) and absconds with a horrified daughter (Ashleigh Sendin).  The distraught parents call in a psychic ...retired U.S. Marine, Col. Bill Carson (Mitchell).  Just like General Milley, Carson is completely useless. In fact, just like General Milley, he makes things worse.  Does he help find the daughter?  Did General Milley ever win a war? Let's forget about the marine psychic and move over to some dames.  The fiend is on a murderous rampage and now turns his attention to the nubile blonde pre-school teacher, Mary (Holmes).  Mary lives in a big house with her cousin, another pre-school teacher, Jo (Zoli Marki).  Now the killer stalks them.

Both babes will get naked and have pre-marital sex with their totally useless boyfriends. Then take baths. The killer gets closer and begins stalking their house.  The gals are walking on clouds because of pre-marital sex with useless men.  This causes more baths and nakedness.  Now the killer has decided it is time. For what?  It won't be pretty.  Remember Col. Carson?  Don't even waste your time.  We pull for Jo and Mary because they are babes. Their taste in men seems to be their only fault.  The killer is relentless and what he has planned for the babes may be satanic.  You'll see.

If General Milley goes into business as a psychic after he retires...DO NOT HIRE HIM!  Will Jo and Mary survive the wrath of a very evil stalker?  What happened to the abducted daughter at the beginning of the film?  Exactly who or what is this killer?  This is a film big on surprises and gratuitous nudity and killing.  The two nubile pre-school teachers are portrayed by sultry actresses.  For something a little different with a Giallo flavor, see "The Demon."    

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