Sunday, October 27, 2019

Big Top Evil, Release the Clown Horde!

As zombie films no longer excite fact, they are getting annoying...a new evil has replaced them. Clowns! They're scary and we have all been traumatized by them as children. Recent flicks have given us horrific and homicidal clowns, but why not an army of them that rival the zombie hordes in George Romero films? Now we have one...and some great looking hunks and babes will die so horribly because of them. Hence, 2019's "Big Top Evil," directed by Sean Haitz and Chris Potter. Oh yes...we all like gore...but beware, this film will pile it high.
The aforementioned babes and hunks are on an excursion to see the location which their favorite slasher film was shot. They get off the main highway and get lost. Jay (Haitz) is a guitar strumming hunk who is on the rebound. Fortunately for him, his bud Veronica (Chante Demoustes) will bring her friend Casey (Jisaura Cardinale) along. So cute...the two will begin to fall in love. Uh oh, the nerd Donny (Morgan Ferreira) will be seduced by a trapeze babe, Candy (Austin Judd), who will convince the gang to stay at a motel across from a weird circus she is part of. Wanting to get Donny laid, his friends agree...big mistake.
Okay, no big spoilers here, suffice it to say Bill Moseley is Mr. Kharver, the circus boss. This circus has dozens of cannibalistic clowns that will be on our babes and hunks like the zombies were on the survivors in "Dawn of the Dead." Our menacing clowns have the psyche of that family in "The Hills Have Eyes," and this won't be good for our soon to be picked apart babes and hunks. As Jay and Casey bond (so cute!), our trapeze babe will grab a chainsaw and fulfill all of Donny's'll see...unless you are covering your eyes. If that isn't enough, three escaped psychos converge on the town and are just as deadly as the clowns.
Will Jay and Casey get to fall in love and maybe engage in pre-marital sex? Is a night of ecstasy with a trapeze babe worth losing one's head over?  Is the cannibalistic clown horde a mere metaphor for the increasing number of morons and psychos that we come across in our daily lives? Okay, maybe that last question was a personal editorial statement...forgive me. Gory and at times heartbreaking, this film will do nothing to endear the "clown community" to large segments of the population. For a neat horror film that will have you covering your eyes at times, see "Big Top Evil."
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  1. The editorial comment was great, just don't tell anyone the whole review was editorial, funded by Zisi Arcade.