Thursday, October 31, 2019

Behind the Walls, Vanessa Angel in Much Peril

Today we have a haunted house tale. Or do we? Ghosts? Maybe. Or maybe its a monster in the house tale. Or maybe its a 'the house is a monster' tale. Maybe the house is alive...or maybe...well, you'll see. Even better, we have one of this blog's favorite actresses, Vanessa Angel. She will be in much peril as a haunted woman who likes to take baths. Hence 2018's "Behind the Walls," directed by James and Jon Kondelik.
The last few years were brutal and terrifying for Kathy (Angel). An abusive husband did quite a job on her and now Kathy has taken her children, 25 year old Michael (Hutch Dano) and her two little twins Karrie ( Taylor Autumn Bertman) and Derry (Mason Mahay). Okay, nothing unusual here, as far as this type of movie goes, the little girl starts befriending imaginary friends in the vents. Yep, they're not imaginary and their not really friends. Meanwhile, Kathy battles anxiety and depression with pills and running away from her old life. Trying to put her life back together she starts dating her boss (Reggie Lee). This guy is a dweeb and Vanessa Angel can do much better.
Uh oh...the house doesn't want any outsiders and the boss' fate will be quite gory, which will get Kathy fired. Uh oh again, Kathy's brother in law Darrel (Lew Temple) arrives and he wants the twins. Whatever Kathy did to her husband, Darrel wants to exact revenge on Kathy. Now we get glimpses inside the air vents and basement and something slimy and menacing is growing. As Karrie gets pulled into the thing's influence, Derry will be put in mortal danger. Michael realizes something evil is going on and now must defend his mom and siblings against Darrel and the mysterious slimy thing. As Kathy keeps popping pills and taking baths, the creature behind the walls in the house grows...grows a lot...and gets bolder.
Will the bathing Vanessa Angel suffer the same fate Barbara Hershey met in "The Entity"? Just what is behind the walls of this old house and does Kathy and family have a chance at surviving? Where is Kathy's husband, and is there something she is not telling her kids about him? Vanessa Angel is terrific and though the plot is pretty standard, it is a joy watching her. The beauty in this swamp is the ravishing Vanessa Angel, but beware...she might not fare well in this one. For some great Vanessa Angel cheesecake, see "Behind the Walls."


  1. It's interesting, shafts, slime balls, and perhaps some Mayan loot, these are the themes I'm following now in my posts!