Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Raptor, or is it Carnosaur 4?

I know, after the 'Carnosaur' trilogy we all thirsted for Roger Corman to make a fourth one. Well...maybe he did. Women appeared doomed after the trilogy as the U.S. Army was already exploring contingency plans for a world without women (okay, stop that! I hear you divorced guys out there yelling YES!!!). Fortunately women still exist in 2001's "Raptor," in fact one eye-popping woman plays the animal control officer, clad mostly in alluring blue undies, or very tight jeans, and a often uncovered midriff. Yes, this is a Roger Corman production of a Jim Wynorski directed film. Oh yes...Eric Roberts...always great to see Eric Roberts.
The Eunice Corporation (remember them from the other 'Carnosaur' films?) is alive and well. The new resident mad-scientist is Dr. Hyde (Corbin Bernsen)...and he's hatching raptors and T-Rexs' from chicken eggs. One gets loose and shreds some great looking college kids in the desert. More will die horribly and Sheriff Jim (Roberts) starts investigating. So does the sultry Barbara (Melissa Brasselle), the aforementioned animal control officer. She wants pre-marital sex with the sheriff, but he is bent on penetrating the Eunice Corporation for signs of dinosaur experimentation. After some gratuitous Barbara in underwear scenes, the plot continues.
Instead of pre-marital sex, the sheriff and Barbara both penetrate (there's that word again) the Eunice Corporation. Hyde was waiting for them and locks them up in a cage. Then the sheriff's plan is enacted and it is a really stupid one that will end up killing all the Delta Force and Marines that come try to help them...including a very sultry helicopter pilot (Alexandra Raines Lewinson) sad. Fear not, two dozen guys in orange rain coats are dropped in...they run into the Eunice Corporation...then run further that's cinema! Fans of the first three 'Carnosaur' films will recognized scenes from those films inserted in the final scenes here. As Barbara runs and jiggles and as the dinosaurs eat army men, Sheriff Jim is going to have to come up with a better plan to save the world from dinosaurs.
Will the nubile and quite jiggly Barbara ever get pre-marital sex with the sheriff? Will the dinosaurs succeed in eliminating all women from the planet? Just who were those men in orange raincoats...non-essential government employees?  For some gratuitous animal control officer jiggling, "Raptor" is the film to see.


  1. I'm hoping I found the same movie on Youtube, I love Jim Wynorski for obvious reasons, thanks for this reminder to watch more of him.

  2. wow. you really know how to serve up a story synopsis. thanks.