Sunday, October 6, 2019

Night Night Donnie, The Irony in a Zombie Apocalypse

Oh the irony! The world is ending and assassins are still employed. Kind of like asking a deck-boy to swab the decks after the Titanic hit the iceberg. Okay, bad analogy. Of course most assassins aren't like Jason Statham or Charles Bronson in "The Mechanic" films. Nope...they're more like schmucks who get introduced to their contractors by some over eager bartender. Don't ask me how I know this. Hence we look at "Night Night Donnie," a 2019 short horror film by Thomas Taylor-Randall.
Okay, two schmucks...I mean assassins, Mike (Brandon Chadwick) and Pete (Randall) have received a contract. The contract is to kill Mad Cunt Donnie (Leon Dewsbury). Oh yes...Mike is the style of the group...not someone who wants to get his hands dirty, as Pete is the muscle. Uh broadcasts from the BBC indicate a virus is spreading and it spreads through bites. Yep, we know the score. Double uh oh, an opening scene indicates Mad Cunt Donnie has been infected and his elixir is a bottle of that will work.
As the duo head over to Donnie's place for the hit, Mike cons Pete to do the dirty-work. The interplay between these two blokes, who kinda have that "Snatch" type chemistry going on, is almost classic. The news from the BBC gets more ominous, and our ill-prepared duo bicker and plot on the way to Donnie's. Little do they know, what they will find...though we the viewer have a pretty good idea. Stop! This is a 21 minute film, and suffice it to say that really bad (apocalyptic) stuff is on its way. As our two Charles Bronson wannabes plod toward their task-at-hand, the balance of civilization has tipped.
How will our assassin duo fare once they arrive at Donnie's home? Is the demeanor of Mad Cunt Donnie apt to become even more cunt-ish after he turns? If an assassin kills someone who is already dead...actually...never mind. This is a fresh, fast-paced, and ominous film and Mr. Randall absolutely gets the horror across, even in the flippant conversation and interplay between Mike and Pete. Outstanding performances and a fresh snippet about the zombie apocalypse, make "Night Night Donnie" a must see. I hope horror festivals accept and show this film.
If you would like to see "Night Night Donnie," click on this link Night Night Donnie on YouTube

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