Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Hazing, College Babes and Hunks vs. Demons

So very sad! Brooke Burke is one of the loveliest woman ever to grace the silver screen. So when she dies so horribly in the opening scene, clad in an alluring belly-dancing, or harem, outfit...and she wears it so nice...on a sacrificial alter as Brad Dourif offers her up to a demonic deity, well...we cry. The beautiful die so horribly. Hence 2004's "The Hazing." There is good news for us guys...and yes, for you gals, as well. The rest of the film is teeming with hunks and babes including, one of our favorites, Tiffany Shepis who will be clad in a silver, tight space-babe outfit.
The evil Professor Kapps (Dourif) sacrifices the sultry Brooke Burke on an alter to evil deities, but he's interrupted by sorority pledge Marsha (Shepis). See, a bunch of pledges to a sorority and frat have been sent on a scavenger hunt dressed in ridiculous Halloween costumes. Kapps chases the space-babe suit clad Marsha and will eventually get impaled by a big horn (don't ask). Marsha and her partner, Doug (Philip Andrew) will abscond with an evil book (think Necronomicon). Part two of the hazing...meet the other pledges in a cursed house, steeped with a homicidal mystery. Enter the geek Tim (Parry Shen), bimbo Delia (Nectar Rose) clad in a Playboy bunny outfit, and Roy (Jeremy Maxwell).
Now in this cursed house until sunrise, Kapps spirit has followed our hunks and babes, As Delia and Roy hit the bed for some gratuitous oral and deviant sex, Roy is possessed and his tongue grows to six feet long and violates Delia...to her satisfaction, I might add. The tongue is cut off and Kapps then possesses Doug, making him a demon. As our hunks and babes endure a deadly attack that will see Roy decapitated, Marsha and Tim will fall in love. Uh oh, our Playboy bunny Delia isn't the bimbo she seemed, and she grabs a chainsaw and other weapons and goes tactical. Following Delia's lead, Marsha and Tim join her in all out war against Kapps' evil spirit and other demonic forces.
Oh yes...you should know, the space-babe Marsha, and Playboy bunny Delia will engage in plenty of cat-fight action. The actresses and actors are indeed hunks and babes and you guys will love the cheesecake, and you gals will adore the beefcake. With some gratuitous plot devices, which include the violation of Delia by demonic tentacles and tongue, some neat gore, and plenty of horrific action, "The Hazing," directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, is a top notch horror film for the Halloween season.


  1. Horns and rimming, I mean glazing ,another busy film full of babes and bikinis, bravo.

  2. 😈 Sooty 😈
    Zisi shit hot review I have seen this floating about and I think I may have seen this young as I remember the tongue thing soon as you said it 🤣
    Of course that would be the thing that resonates with me