Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Corpse Sniper, Army of the Dead

My favorite plot device. A mad scientist figures out a way to replace humans on the battlefield with either genetically altered monsters...or human zombies. As far as human zombies, this is actually a brilliant idea. If a soldier is killed...well...he already died. Sure, this could be a boom for the funeral industry, but the names on future memorials would be lessened. Hence 2018's "Corpse Sniper," directed by Keith R. Robinson.
Mad scientists in the British military are re-animating dead soldiers. Then they're trained and equipped to run special operations. As our film begins a mysterious zombie soldier (Max Staines) enters a back alley in Riga, Latvia and wipes out a drug gang, even after being shot dozens of times. Meanwhile, Diane (Eleri Jones) is very sad at her flat in England. Her husband has been killed in action and his body was stolen out of a military morgue. With her smart phone she finds out that many bodies of dead soldiers have gone missing from morgues. A mysterious phone call tips her off and she heads to a weird and secret military installation far outside the city.
There she is accosted by grotesque zombie soldiers but a good zombie soldier, the former Corporal Reece (Jordan Murphy), saves her. Diane communicates with him/it and figures out who he is/was. Now Reece's memories come flooding back. The British army believes these zombies are merely dead flesh but as Diane gets to the bottom of things, the zombies begin getting their memories back. Zombies with memories would ruin the project so an evil commander, Braddock (Kit Smith) targets Diane for death. He sends the mysterious red-eyed zombie after her. As the red-eyed monster pursues Diane, Diane tries desperately to get the thing to remember who he was. Commander Braddock then also sends another beast after the nubile Diane. The military needs the zombies absent of any memories, while Diane needs them to remember for her survival.
Will enough soldier corpses regain their memories in time to spare the pretty Diane? Will Diane find her dead husband among the soldier corpses? Is "Corpse Sniper" a religious metaphor about finding life through death? Okay, maybe not. This is a fun and fast-paced one that is more interested in making the zombies more human rather than an ominous end to mankind. For some nice zombie drama, even as "The Walking Dead" keeps inflicting nausea on all of us, see "Corpse Sniper."


  1. I need to see this. Brilliant idea. Like Universal Soldier...just rotting.

  2. Just reading your latest book, I was expecting some jazzed up spice... where are the skinny dippers!!!!