Friday, October 11, 2019

Bad Blood: The Movie, WereFrog Attacks

Werewolves are classic fodder for horror films...always have been. Even today, werewolf films are still entertaining us. Why should wolves have all the fun. Why does a werewolf get to have pre-marital sex with Rhona Mitra in the third "Underworld" film and not an amphibian. But wait! Now we have a were-amphibian (were-frog, more specifically) film. Perhaps pre-marital sex with Rhona Mitra would be too much to ask, at least the amphibian community has finally made strides in the equality discussion among species. Hence 2016's "Bad Blood: The Movie."
Okay...Mass murderer, and former university mad-scientist, reportedly escapes from a prison van. He pulled the heads off three guards and five fellow prisoners. In reality, the mad-scientist/mass murderer is a were-frog. Yep, when the full moon comes, he changes into a seven foot tall killer frog monster. Now loose, he's on thr prowl. This isn't good for college beauty Victoria (Mary Malloy). The sultry, now, college drop-out, steals her parents car, picks up her babe friend (Chelsea Howard), and heads to a party. Uh oh, she needs to stop at a gas station...bad move. In an instant, the frog monster rips off her friend's head and attacks her. Victoria is saved by another mad-scientist/gas station attendant (Vikus Adam).
The gas station mad-scientist has a lab in the basement of the service station...must be an Exxon. In there, he's experimenting on frogs, and saves Victoria. Bad news for Victoria, she's a were-frog now. On the full moons, she will also prowl. Okay, stop is not a metaphor for menstrual cycles! Even worse news...Victoria's parents have hired Paul (Troy Halverson), a private-eye with homicidal fantasies and tendencies, to find her. Now Victoria must take specific injections from our gas station guy in order to prevent the change. Uh oh again...Paul finds her, brings her back to her parents, and her dad destroys her antidote. Now the full moon is coming, and Victoria doesn't have any way to stop the change (as most men don't). The carnage will be intense.
Will Victoria shred her family? Will our Exxon clerk invent a cure for this lunar malady? Will were-frog Victoria enjoy the sex life the Lycan guy did in "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"? What follows Victoria's return to her parents will be vicious and heartbreaking, as this film will prove gratuitous in its gore and violence. For a fresh take on the Lon Chaney classic, and a response to the little heard voices in the amphibian community, enjoy "Bad Blood: The Movie," directed by Tim Reis. 

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  1. Is this what Kermit the Frog watches on a Saturday, eating popcorn and sucking face with Missy Piggy? Gets those imaginative juices running.