Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Blue Demon, Genetically Altered Great White Sharks

Ah yes! There is beauty in the swamp, and we must look in the right places to find it, sometimes. Galina Chtyrva plays the red bikini clad damsel in today's feature and she is in much peril. Her performance, which we see about 10 minutes before the end credits is...classic! She starts off confident, yet vulnerable, and pretty soon the beauty is screaming in bloody horror and putting forth her bikini clad body for us all to enjoy. Her lines are delivered with a twisted awkwardness that are strangely alluring, and after the film ends, Ms. Chtyrva's performance (and bikini clad character) stays with us and helps bring smiles to us all. Hence 2004's "Blue Demon."
Enough about the red bikini damsel, let us talk about the beautiful Dedee Pfeiffer. She plays a marine-biologist beauty, Marla. She works with her soon to be divorced husband Nathan (Randall Batinkoff) in a top-secret military lab. The duo have genetically altered some great white sharks and seem to be able to control their thoughts and actions. The army has told them the sharks will defend our waterways against terrorists trying to nuke our coastal cities. General Remora (Jeff Fahey) has a different purpose for them, which includes blowing up San Francisco (okay, that doesn't make him the bad guy, I know). Uh oh, during a demonstration, a renegade shark ignores the orders sent to him over computer and now the six sharks are headed to California beaches to swallow bikini babes and their hunk BFs.
To cover up his fiendish plot, General Remora frames Marla and Nathan for terrorist acts, and now this duo is on the run. As the general heads forward in his plot to bomb SF, our duo falls back in love and try to regain control of their man-eaters. As fishermen, bikini beauties, and young lovers are digested by these monster fish, the frantic Nathan heads to the beach where he will have a memorable encounter with the gratuitous bikini babe that is Galina Chtyrva. As Nathan stares at Galina's bikini top, his wife, Marla, tries to key in her laptop to the computer chips in the sharks' brains. I think Nathan has the better deal. Meanwhile, one of the fish has arrived in San Francisco Bay.
Will the stunning Marla regain control of her fish and wrestle her husband's attention away from the red bikini clad babe? Will Marla and that same bikini babe engage in a beach cat-fight in the Pacific surf? Will the duo even try to save San Francisco? I know, Galina Chtyrva needs to be the protagonist in a series of graphic novels that eventually becomes a TV show replacing the disgraceful "The Walking Dead" on Sunday nights. Before that happens, enjoy "Blue Demon," directed by Daniel Grodnik.

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  1. Gets me thinking, Great White Drones, controlled by remote control.
    San Fran Cisco needs to lighten up. It's not only the seals in danger. Is this movie a critique on all the piercings that have gone on in the liberal city?