Saturday, October 5, 2019

Site 1, Test Subject in Isolation

Guilt? Isolation? Deprivation? What unfolds before our eyes requires some thought, and perhaps a deep and convicting look in our own mirrors. 2018's "Site 1" is the magnum opus of fitness and exercise guru Matias Page. There exists a temptation to compare this film to 1965's "Repulsion," the Catherine Deneuve horror film. Unlike "Repulsion," the protagonist in this horror film doesn't appear to be insane...yet. Norman Bates told us that we all go a little mad sometimes, and perhaps that is what is happening here, though something heavier seems to be at work here.
Matthew (Page), a nice looking hunk, arrives at a weird an dimly lit house. A package is waiting for him at the front stoop and after he burgles his way inside the weirdness starts. The package contains some pills, a gun, and a few other odd objects, and Matthew is given an instruction/workbook, and a tape in which a Dr. Wallace feeds him instructions.  Dr. Wallace? Apparently he has a technique that changes reality in your mind...really...or maybe not...never mind. Now Matthew is the test subject, apparently a willing one, and some of the macabre instructions he is given are "Do not let any living thing touch you." One wonders if that is a literal that will be a question you will have to figure out.
Yep, another instruction tells Matthew to take some of the provided pills and then record some specific symptoms. Uh someone else in the house? Another uh oh, there was a previous test subject and that subject didn't fare well. The weird Wallace appears to be in control of the obedient Matthew...but looks can be deceiving. Matthew, as we find out, has his own motives that Dr. Wallace will not like. Matthew is on a mission to reconnect with something lost, something that hurts, and he knows the only path to do that is through Wallace's experiment. There will be some weirdness in the form of noises, other occupants in the house, malicious spirits...and bugs. As Matthew gets deeper and deeper into Wallace's mind experiment, he becomes more antagonistic in his quest to reconnect and escape.
Just who is this Dr. Wallace guy and what happened in his previous experiments? What is Matthew looking for, exactly, and what dangers is he exposing himself to in plunging head first into the experiment? Is Matthew really sane, or is his own mind playing reality tricks on him? This is a dark and deep horror film that perhaps tells u something about quests we all hold with passion. For an unsettling journey, perhaps deep into our own minds, enjoy "Site 1."
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