Friday, September 14, 2018

Naked Soldier, Sultry Asian Assassins Kill and Die

Sultry Asian women skilled in Kung Fu and allure. Perfect fodder for an Asian exploitation film from Hong Kong. We've seen it before, I know. Maggie Q did it well in Naked Weapon but this is a plot line that we just can't get enough of. As a boring summer of films comes to a close, enjoy gratuitous cat-fights, gratuitous martial arts, and very steaming Asian women with swords and daggers...and machine guns...and pistols...and deadly sex appeal. Hence 2012's "Naked Soldier."
After taking down a notorious Asian drug cartel, INTERPOL superstar Lung (Sammo Kam-Bo Hung) moves to Miami with his family. Uh oh, seeking revenge, dominatrix Madam Rose (Ellen Chan) invades his home, kills his entire family and absconds with his 10 year old daughter. Wounded but not dead, Lung swears he will someday find his daughter. Like many of you out there, the 10 year old girl is brainwashed into complete loyalty to Madam Rose and taught to seduce and murder. 15 years later, the daughter is now Phoenix (Jennifer Tse) student...and assassin. Madam Rose is now charged with taking out the world's largest drug kingpins in order to eliminate the competition for Taiwanese kingpin.
What happens next is sch a beautiful thing. One assassin, the bikini clad Ivy (Lena Lin) will take out her kingpin in one of the most erotic hit scenes you will ever see. Selina (Ankie Beilke) will take out another in a boxing ring. Phoenix? Hers will be slaughtered at a funeral, but unfortunately her cover is blown as she allows a couple of witnesses to live (always a mistake). Now Madam and her two sister assassins are bent on her destruction. Many will die, and some very beautiful babes will die horribly. Lung and INTERPOL pick up on all this and he sees a chance to reunite with his long lost daughter. As INTERPOL closes in, and as the beautiful assassins are themselves put in much peril, Phoenix must come to terms with some distant memories of a father who was erased from her brain by Madam Rose's brainwashing machine 15 years previous.
Will Lung's reunion with his daughter be one full of hugs, or bullets and blades? Will the dominatrix Madam Rose succeed in wiping out Phoenix? Will Phoenix engage in a cat-fight or two...or three...or four with her assassin sisters? This is a very gratuitous film as the sex, murder, and Kung Fu join together to make such a beautiful trinity. For pure fun, action, and gratuitous everything, ignore the latest superhero film and enjoy "Naked Soldier," directed by Marco Mak.

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