Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Corbin Nash, Vampire Demons Eat Los Angeles

One might term 2018's "Corbin Nash" as horror in the flavor of film noir. This is a violent and ominous jaunt through the seedy parts of the City of Angels and of a man's deep, dark psyche. Be warned, virtually every frame of this film includes blood and violence.'ll like this...Corey Feldman as a transvestite vampire demon! How long have we been waiting for this portrayal? For lovers of gory horror and gratuitous violence, "Corbin Nash" is here!
Corbin Nash (Dean S. Jagger) is a disgruntled New York cop. One night while throwing down a cold one at a local bar he is approached by Rutger Hauer as 'the stranger.' This mysterious bloke has some alarming revelations for Nash. Apparently Nash' mom and dad were 'hunters'. Hunters of what? Demons of course. As cover, Nash' dad was a star baseball player until he was eaten by one of these was his wife. What's more, Nash is also a 'hunter,' though he doesn't know that yet. This news takes Nash to L.A. where he has joined the L.A.P.D. and hopes to find out about his parents and locate a slew of missing peeps.
A chronological description of the plot would serve no one well, but suffice it to say Nash' battle begins quickly. We meet Queeny (Feldman), the aforementioned transvestite vampire-demon and his sidekick Vince (Richard Wagner). Queeny loves beautiful women, especially biting out their throats. Nash gets on Queeny's radar which causes him to get sucked into a Hell like prison where his battles will be bloody, and perhaps without hope. Very pretty stripper Macy (Fernanda Romero) tries to save him as Nash is her only hope of finding her missing little brother. Now Macy has drawn the ire of Queeny and Vince and these two demons now hunt her and Nash. Uh oh...she may have saved Nash from his weird confinement, but Nash ain't out of the woods...or Hell yet. What happens to Nash is unspeakable, but his determination will re-set him on his course to find the missing peeps.
Will Nash and Macy hook-up, or will Macy become a play-toy for the perverted Queeny? Will Nash be able to recover all the lost souls from the demon prison they have been taken to? What do the demons want with the abducted citizens of L.A.? As the vampire demons look unstoppable, and their appetite for the pretty increases, Nash will have to reach down inside him and find the strength to pull off an upset victory. Directed by Ben Jagger, "Corbin Nash" explodes in blood red and reveals itself just like an extreme graphic novel. Horror fans who eschew Rated PG-13, will love the Rated R nature of this one...enjoy!

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  1. This film covers the supernatural very well, not read a review like this for a long time, these kinda movies were in vogue in the 90's. Now we have moved to pimply vampires who are more concerned about their hair style than doing what they were designed for, neck biting.