Friday, September 7, 2018

Literature Review: Cicada Summer

I remember them. Back then I was living in Rockville, Maryland. My wife told me that the 17 year cicada were going to hatch soon and infest the mid-Atlantic region...I didn't believe her. It didn't sound plausible that these buggers, the 17 year cicada, would lay eggs that would take 17 years to hatch. When I first heard them I figured car alarms were going off. Then there they were. Ugly things! They were all over our house, the trees, and attaching themselves to our clothes (this is how they would get in the house). I then eagerly awaited the Syfy Channel to make a film about them using bad CGI. Syfy passed, but Jeff Dosser stepped up and has given us Cicada Summer.
Matt Holmes, former cop and present park ranger. 34 years old and living fat and happy. He patrols and maintains a beautiful lake and park in rural Oklahoma. His passion for his work, to keep the park nice and vacationers safe is not an accidental passion. Uh oh...the 17 year cycle of these ugly buggers has brought...well, you'll see. A few mysterious deaths on parkland has marred the beginning of the summer. Mysterious to some, but the seemingly unconnected deaths has stirred something in Matt. Matt remembers 17 years ago when his mom was also a mysterious death, and something about the present day tragedy has brought the painful memories of that summer roaring back.So what's going on. At the outset of this novel, Mr. Dosser introduced us to a bloody and fatal hunt that took place over a century earlier. What was hunted? Is it back?
We like Ranger Matt. He is dedicated and smart. We'll meet his sultry GF, Colleen...a dance instructor. Something has re-emerged that also caused havoc 17 years ago and only Matt is putting the pieces together. As some incredibly gruesome deaths occur, and satanic/pagan activities start dotting the parkland, Matt will have to contend with a supernatural evil that may have corrupted his friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Now Matt is faced with the chore of uncovering an ages old horror, trying to defeat it, and also saving everyone in the world he has ever loved. To do that, he will have to enlist the aid of remnants of an ancient Native American culture in the form of a grandmother figure...who just happens to have the spite of 'Dirty Harry.'
What did Matt lose 17 years ago that has spurned him to take on this fight...and is the sultry Colleen on the monster's menu? What is at stake if Matt fails? Who is going to pack more firepower, Matt or the old lady I alluded to? This is a horrific and gory page-turner that Mr. Dosser has woven together. The rapid movement of the plot is symbolic of the horror that engulfs this region of Oklahoma in Cicada Summer. For a summer horror yarn that may keep you out of the park, enjoy this novel which is available on Amazon by clicking the below link.
Cicada Summer on Amazon

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