Saturday, September 8, 2018

Blood Massacre, Thugs vs. Cannibals

Another Don Dohler film set in Maryland is our gem today. Picture "Reservoir Dogs" meets "Cannibal Holocaust." That would be such a beautiful combo. Throw in low-budget and grainy film quality and now we have obtained B movie Nirvana. Unlike many Dohler films our culprits today aren't aliens but demented humans...or so it appears. Hence 1991's "Blood Massacre."
A quartet of vicious criminals hit a small Maryland town. Rizzo (George Stover) is the most psycho of them all. As our film begins Rizzo is strangling a bouncer and gutting a prostitute. His almost equally evil cohorts include the beautiful Monica (Lisa DeFuso), Jimmy (James DiAngelo), and Pauly (Thomas Humes). A parallel plot line has the sultry, but doomed, Bonnie (Lucille Joile) arriving at the rural Parker house to rent a room. Bonnie will hit it off with the equally sultry Chrissy Parker (Grace Stahl) as the two don bikinis and bounce down to a pond for some sunbathing. After a deadly robbery our evil quartet is on the run and hijack a car driven by the beautiful Liz (Robin London), Chrissy's sister.
The thugs order Liz, who is unusually amorous to her tormentors, to drive her to her house. Liz is criminally insane and our gang has no idea her psychologist is cut-up in the trunk. At the house, Rizzo and company take Chrissy, Liz, and Mr. and Mrs. Parker sign of Bonnie...yet. While laying low, waiting for the heat to pass, tables get turned. After a gratuitous shower scene, Liz seduces Rizzo. The two will engage in a blood-letting sex ritual...this is a clue our gang doesn't pick up on. Havoc ensues and our sweet rural family end up being hungry cannibals and begin hunting our antagonists turned protagonists. Oh yes...Bonnie, you'll see. Our thugs won't go down without a fight and guns, booby-traps, table-saw blades, and makeshift anti-personnel mines will all grace the final half hour of this epic.
Gratuitous and bloody, "Blood Massacre" is appropriately titled. Whatever happened to the shapely Bonnie? Will the sexy Chrissy and Liz be able to use their allure on the lone female thug, Monica? Does Mrs. Parker have a recipe that includes the innards of evil thugs? Oh yes, as wild as this plot sounds...well, no spoilers here...but  what is revealed in the last 15 minutes will be quite shocking. For some bloody and gratuitous fun, see Don Dohler's "Blood Massacre." 

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