Monday, September 24, 2018

Agent 5, Sultry Assassin on the Warpath

Many of you remember Cindy Lemos as the hostess of the TV show "Island Getaways" from 2012. The beautiful Seattle based actress, though born in Argentina, took us all over the Pacific from Hawaii, to Tahiti, to Bora Bora. So what is an attractive lady to do when her reality show isn't renewed for an additional season? Yep! Become an action hero in films she helps make. In a plot straight from an Asian exploitation film, Ms. Lemos will star as a sultry assassin looking for revenge against an agency that has betrayed her in 2016's "Agent 5."
After her assassin parents are killed, Jada (Lemos) is brought up by a mysterious agency. Of course this organization teaches her to kill and breeds her to be their star assassin. Years later, Jada, now Agent 5, is given an assignment to kill a whistle-blower who will spill the beans on an evil pharmaceutical company. Agent 5 is about to complete her job when a bit of conscience creeps into her psyche and she spares the schmuck. Uh oh, the ravishing Cho (Rachel Delmars) and beautiful Lam (Christy Choi) are sent to make sure Agent 5 completes her job. When Agent 5 balks, the two colleagues finish the job instead and now are tasked to kill Jada. These two beauties will die horrible deaths as Agent 5 is now on the run.
With the agency on her tail, Jada must fend off some more beautiful assassins and a few ugly male ones, too. A good defense is a good offense so Jada takes the war to the agency. After blowing up their office, Jada incurs more of the agency's wrath. Every one who Jada has ever loved is now killed and our deadly brunette seems to be the underdog. She'll kill more and have some pre-marital sex as she eludes evil henchmen...and henchwomen...through Seattle and the surrounding wilderness. With pistols, machine-guns, knives, bombs, and rocket-launchers, Jada will inflict mass carnage against her tormentors, but is she walking into a well crafted trap?
Which Travel Channel beauty do you think would make a great exploitation film actress? Will Agent 5/Jada find love after everyone in her life assumes room temperature? Will a sequel to this film take Cindy Lemos as Agent 5 again to Bora Bora? Ms. Lemos is quite stunning as the deadly assassin and if you look close you may see a resemblance to Kate Beckinsale (who, if she were smart, would have scooped this role up). For lovers of Asian exploitation, "Agent 5" (directed by Carter Johnson) will surely please.

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  1. Would love to see the lead lady pair up with Les Patterson, it would really be an interesting mix.