Thursday, September 20, 2018

The House of Clocks, Time to Die

If we could turn back time! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Right our mistakes, take some hurtful words back, study harder, and so on. Actually, if you ask me, we should run away from our past and previous stupid decisions and embrace the future. If you don't believe me there is today's film, Lucio Fulci's "The House of Clocks." Mr. Fulci was contracted to make a movie for Italian TV, and this film was it. Unfortunately for the Italian TV network, they contracted Fulci and not Aaron Spelling. The finished product was deemed too gory for TV and would find itself competing in the straight-to-VHS market.
Victor and Sarah (Paolo Paoloni and Bettine Milne) are a very elderly couple living in a mansion on rural Italy. They are a weird duo and love clocks. Thousands of time pieces adorn their home and all tick. Uh oh...nosy maid Maria (Carla Cassola) gets curious and sees something she wasn't supposed to when she busts into the chapel. This is very unfortunate as no one likes a witness, especially Sarah. Maria will then be impaled and secreted in a shallow grave. Secret preserved...for now. Enter three thugs looking for a big score. Tony (Keith Van Hoven), Diana (Karina Huff), and the psycho Paul (Peter Hintz).
This trio believe the mansion will be an easy hit as only two elderly schmucks live there. They invade, cut the phone wires, and meet unexpected opposition. Bang Bang...Victor and Sarah fall victim to two shotgun blasts. Bad news for the evil invaders...they are trapped in the house as guard dogs prowl the outside. Then weirdness takes over. All the clocks stop at once. Tony and Diana will take this opportunity for pre-marital sex in Victor and Sarah's marital bed. Bad idea. Uh oh again, the clocks start going backwards. As time marches...well backwards...the dead live again. Victor and Sarah are now back and our three robbers are now on the run inside the mansion. Gore and frights await them as Sarah and Victor weren't amused at being killed.
Just what secret lays in the chapel that got Maria killed? What do Victor and Sarah have in store for their three tormentors turned prisoners? What Italian brainiac thought Lucio Fulci would create a film suitable for the whole family? As the dead rise, and the thugs meet bloody horror, you will be happy you put on "The House of Clocks."


  1. This is time travel at it's best, traveling back into time, while trapping those who are now out of time. Great sci fi premise there alone.

  2. Great review Christopher watched this on impulse as part of an annual online Horror challenge & didn't know it had been deemed to gory for tv & only watched because it was a Fulci film & it was a pleasant surprise with that burglary/home invasion scene being surprisingly brutal from memory. Good gory Italian fun & very nice review again mate.:)