Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Devil Came from Akasava, Gold, Zombies, and World Conquest

To become master of the world! Seriously, who would want to be master of the world, especially this world? Herding cats would be easier. Then every human would be a royal pain in the posterior with lawyers, grievances, demands, and high levels of incompetence. But if you are a mad-scientist, sure...give it a go. Hence this 1971 Jesus Franco film, "The Devil Came from Akasava." Fear not, this film features Soledad Miranda as a British secret agent who solves mysteries nude, or in see-through negligees.
Okay, some scientist has found a crystal that changes metal into gold. Whoever controls all the gold, controls the world. Yep, every maniacal super-villain sets out to steal it. Big problem, it is very radioactive and will fry anyone who comes into contact with it. Oh yes, it can also turn humans into mindless drones...or zombies. Someone absconds with the crystal and its scientist in the country of Akasava. Fear not, the sultry Jane (Miranda) is sent down there to recover it. Her cover...yep...exotic dancer. Also headed to Akasava is Rex (Fred Williams), the scientist's handsome nephew. The crystal was stolen by Dr. Thorrsen (Horst Tappert) so he may rule the world. Now it gets good as Jane does an erotic dance at a nightclub in order to seduce Rex and get more information. The sultry Jane will be turned into the pouting Jane as Dr. Thorssen's wife, Ingrid (Ewa Stromberg) will cut Jane off and seduce Rex first. Lots of sex and kissing will follow.
The pouting, but still sultry Jane will then kill an assassin, drag the corpse through town, all while Ingrid has passionate sex with Rex. Ingrid needs to know what has brought Rex to Akasava. The pouting and sultry Jane will keep following Rex and when Rex gets the drop on her, the two will have some steamy pre-marital sex of their own...before Rex tells her he is going back to England with Ingrid. Not to be defeated, Jane will take every opportunity to take her clothes off and have sex with Rex. Uh oh...many maniacal villains are now after this crystal. Enter Sue, the Chinese spy and her see through negligee...she'll die horribly but her brief appearance is quite impressive. All out war ensues as several groups converge with guns a blazing in order to secure the precious crystal. Oh yes, the zombies? You'll see.
Will Ingrid and Jane engage in a cat-fight over Rex' affections? Just who are all these peeps willing to kill for the chance to conquer the world? Will Rex choose Jane, Ingrid...or Sue (uncredited actress)...or any combination of all three? This is a fun one and because it was directed by Jesus Franco, the nudity, sex, and gratuitous shower and strip scenes are pretty flagrant. For some exploitation fun, see "The Devil Came from Akasava" (filmed in West Germany and Spain).

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  1. THe plotline for this film sounds insane! But when you said it was a Jesus Franco directed I understood! His productions are always done in very contrived plots long on nudity & some how interesting! Have not seen this one yet but bet I will thanks Christopher!