Thursday, June 19, 2014

Naked Weapon, Maggie Q Sultry Assassin

From Hong Kong, today's movie is 2002's "Naked Weapon."  Filled with beautiful assassins, explosions, martial arts, gun fights, international intrigue, and seductions, this film delivers on so many fronts.  Maggy Q ("Priest" and "Nikita") delivers a terrific performance as a sexy assassin trained to kill using sex appeal.  Fast paced throughout, "Naked Weapon" never goes ten seconds without a fight, a killing, a seduction, or an explosion.  Madam M (Almen Wong) sums up the strategy of her assassins with this, "Your body no longer belongs to is your greatest weapon.  You must be willing to please a man no matter how vile...because a man's happiest moment is also his weakest."
 As our story begins a very sultry Asian assassin (Marit Thoresen) posing as a prostitute gains entry into a penthouse hotel suite (see above photo) in Rome.  After she is searched, and no weapons are found, she takes out a gangster and about a dozen of his security detail.  As she flees the scene, a surviving henchman takes her out with a bazooka.  What a beginning!  With her assassin blown up, Madam M kidnaps 40 teen-aged girls, brings them to her island.  When little girls suggest they want their mommies, they are machine gunned in front of their horrified peers.  Over the next six years, the girls are trained in firearms, martial arts, posture and cat walking, cosmetology, killing with bare hands, and wine tasting (see below photo).  As their six year training ends, Madame X gives these darlings, now young women, their first assignment....kill the girl next to you.  They do, and 40 students instantly become 20.  Then the final assignment, a cage fighting tournament with machetes, where only one will survive.  The humanitarian that Madame M is, she relents and allows three to survive.  The three survivors are Charlene (Maggy Q), Katt (Anya), and Jing (Jewel Lee).  At a celebration dinner, the three women, in evening gowns are drugged by Madame M and then are gang raped by their instructors.  This is where Madame M utters the quote in the above paragraph.
  The three are then sent on jobs, and Charlene finds herself in Spain to eliminate a Russian mobster.  She gains entry impersonating a prostitute and uses a combination of a Flamenco and a pole dance to bring down his guard.  She kills him and several of his guards, but is almost killed in the getaway.  Fortunately, her pal, Katt is nearby, and saves her.  Unbeknownst to her, CIA agent Jack Chen (Daniel Wu) is on her tail.  Chen follows Charlene to Hong Kong and makes contact with her mom, who has not seen her daughter in over six years.  Both Chen and her mom witness Charlene's next hit and begin pursuing her.  As Chen chases her and meets her, the two become sweet on each other.  As Charlene is giving the opportunity to free herself from Madam M's service, she agrees to do one more hit.  Unfortunately for Charlene and Katt (see below photo), they are headed into a deadly trap by someone who wants them to meet torturous deaths.
As Charlene desires to return to her mother and romance Chen, Katt also desires a virtuous future.  Of course, this won't be easy for the two friends as a creepy villain has bloody plans for them.  Will Charlene earn her freedom and marry Chen, a government employee with good health insurance?  Does Madam M really intend to let her and Katt out of their obligations?  Maggy Q and Anya are very attractive and captivate us B Movie fans.  Bred as villains, our two protagonists convert into noble figures eschewing evil.  "Naked Weapon" is exciting, titillating, and violent.  Great martial arts scenes with enough chases and gunfights to keep us drooling, this is a must see!  

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