Monday, September 10, 2018

Sodoma's Ghost, Lucio Fulci...Orgy...Ghosts

Okay, this is a Lucio Fulci film. This Italian film may be a big disappointment to Fulci fans, but for those of us who cannot get enough of this master director's work, 1988's "Sodoma's Ghost" (aka "Il Fantasma di Sodoma") does have some merit. No tarantulas crawling out of eyeballs plucked throat cutting, but we do have some nice gunk oozing out of corpse action.
In 1943, Willy (Robert Egon) and his Nazi cohorts are engaged in a wild (and believe me, this is a wild one) orgy. All sorts of perversion fill the opening scene. Gambling, roll playing, booze, and much virility enhance this orgy. Bad news for our Nazis and their skanks...a misguided German bomber takes them out at the height of their orgasms. Four decades later some silly Americans looking to go surfing in rural Italy breakdown in front of the isolated mansion which housed the aforementioned orgy. The three hunks and three babes decide to break into the mansion to spend the night. Uh oh, once inside, lots of wine and food await them. These idiots aren't with the program and have no plans for a modern day orgy. Two of the babes, Anne (Teresa Razzaudi) and Maria (Jessica Moore) are lesbians and Celine (Maria Concetta Salieri) is...shall we say...a cold fish. The guys? Silly and clueless.  In fact, we really hope for their gory demise.
As the team bickers, the ghost of Willy begins to torment them. Mark (Joseph Alan Johnson) will meet up with a nude succubus (Zora Kerova) after Willy engages him in a match of Russian Roulette. Maria will have a run in with the same succubus, and this scene will be quite gratuitous. Mark will turn into a puss bag seeping disgusting ooze, and'll see. Anne will also be subject to some possession and learn to love guys. She will seduce John (Sebastian Harrison) with some disgusting results.  Sound good?  Well, don't get your hopes up. Gratuitous nudity and love scenes dominate this flick.
How many of these six wannabe surfers will survive the Nazi ghosts and succubi? That question alone beckons all of us, I know. Will our cold fish Celine get to have sex with anyone...or anything? Will Willy's ghost organize a modern day orgy, and if so will the lesbians factor prominently in this action? Again, this one is for die-hard Fulci fans. One wonders if this 84 minute film actually has an additional 20 minutes that beckon a modern day bluray release. From Italy, enjoy "Sodoma's Ghost."


  1. I'm hoping Celine stays cool, maybe she has a pocket vibrator!

  2. Nice review Christopher & I usually swear by Lucio (I even liked his Demonia & Manhattan Baby which many don't) but this one just didn't work for me alas & I would recommend only for Fulci completists. Haven't seen in several years but remember being very disappointed with it. Very nice review again mate & kinda makes me want to revisit despite not being a fan, lol so props for that. :D

  3. there actual surf on the italian coast?