Friday, September 21, 2018

Hi, Penny: Halloween Treat on YouTube

As Halloween inches closer (now less than six weeks away), it is important to remember that this holiday is for the entire family. Sure, many of the films on this blog shouldn't be screened by little children, but here is one that may be age appropriate for our little crumb crunchers. J. Budro Patrida's "Hi, Penny," won't traumatize our kids, though it may give them some semi-minor nightmares.
"Hi, Penny" is less than four minutes so I shall be brief on the plot. A darling little girl (Penelope Joy) is watching "Night of the Living Dead" before bedtime. Uh oh, nightmares are the least of her worry. As she heads upstairs, it is apparent that she is not alone. Or is it merely her imagination that is playing havoc with her sense of reality. After all, we all remember what the aforementioned George Romero classic did to us when we first saw it. Anyway, our sweet protagonist may have just a bit more to deal with than an overactive imagination spoilers here, but get ready for some scares.
After the end credits roll it is obvious that this work was inspired by the creations of George Romero, Stephen King, and James Wan. That's easy to see, but I was reminded of Tobe Hooper's "'Salem's Lot," though I shall not say why. Written by both J. Budro and Monica Patrida, allow this YouTube short film to serve as an appetizer for the whole family as we prepare for Halloween. To view "Hi, Penny," click on the below listed link:
Hi, Penny on YouTube

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