Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hellhole, Naked Lesbian Cat-Fights in an Insane Asylum

We all remember Audrey and Judy Landers. Not actually twins though they were often cast as such. The blonde, buxom beauties graced many a TV show and film. Today we focus on Judy in a very gratuitous horror-exploitation film, 1985's "Hellhole." There will be lesbian cat-fights in the shower, lesbian babes in mud baths, gratuitous lesbian sex, and lots of naked babes running around ... fighting...seducing each other...and always trying to rip each other's clothes off. Judy would go on to marry Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Tim Niedenfeur and is still married to him after 30 years, perhaps because of her portrayal as an amnesiac in this film.
Susan (Landers), in satin short-shorts, witnesses her mom's murder. She runs from the killer, a bloke known as Silk (Ray Sharkey), and is critically injured in her getaway. She'll wake with amnesia and be put in a looney-bin for women. Most of the women look like Playboy models and are constantly trying to rip Susan's clothes off. Silk gets a job at the facility so he can finish the job. The attending physician, Dr. Fletcher (Mary Woronov) is a cross between Ilsa the She-Wolf and Nurse Ratched. Fletcher experiments on the women and enjoys sex with them, either in hot-tubs or on the operating table...alive or dead.
Susan finds out that the asylum has a basement known as the hellhole, where human experimentation takes place. Meanwhile, Silk has a spy in the patient population, sex-pervert Vera (Edy Williams). Vera starts mass cat-fights in the shower and has sex with a lot of women in the asylum. Susan eventually realizes that she is due to be turned into a lobotomized love-toy of Dr. Fletcher and plans an escape. To keep up with the gratuitous nature of this film, Susan will steal and put on a kinky nurse's outfit and begin her unsuccessful escape plan. With both Silk and Dr. Fletcher on the verge of doing so many kinky and awful things to her, Susan's salvation may come in the form of an undercover schmuck (Richard Cox) who has fallen in love with her.
Will Dr. Fletcher ravage the sultry Susan? Will Silk ravage the sultry Susan? Will the lesbian babes of the asylum ravage the sultry Susan? This film spends 95 minutes topping each previous gratuitous scene. Everything about Judy Landers, from her demeanor, satin shorts, revealing hospital gown, kinky nurse uniform, and general state of helplessness plays well to the gratuitous nature of this exploitation film. For a guilty pleasure, enjoy "Hellhole," directed by Pierre DeMoro.

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