Sunday, December 31, 2023

Out of Hand, Steamy Murder-Fest

Louise Linton! Babe!  Today we have her magnum opus...a Tubi Original.  This will be the steamiest film of all 2023. Is Ms. Linton a sultry femme fatale or a sultry damsel in much distress?  In kinky lingerie, hot Yoga outfits, or totally nude, she will seduce and have steamy sex with hunks and babes alike!  But will she also murder them.  There will be a lot of hunks and babes in this one...most will die horribly in the throes of passion.  Today we look at "Out of Hand," directed by Brian Skiba.

Major hunk David (Pierson Fode) runs a fitness/Yoga studio that caters to hot babes.  He and his GF Valerie (Linton) engage in sex with most of them.  Now they are all getting murdered.  Angela (Jackie Moore) will fall first. She'll be hanged just after some babe eats her...well, you know.  In defense of the babe killer, Angela did reach ultimate satisfaction before assuming room temperature. Okay, David is a serial killer...this is not a spoiler.  But is he the one murdering the hot work-out babes?  Valerie is a best-selling author of crime fiction.  David murders and then describes his experiences to Valerie who writes them up in the plots of her novels.  The duo rent a Tahoe lake house. Once there we find out more about the dead Angela. Angela was a researcher for Valerie and claimed to have found out who the dreaded Harbinger Killer was.  She may or may not have told the other work-out babes.  David is the Harbinger Killer so he sets off on a quest to murder the work-out babes.

Okay, I know how this all sounds.  But wait!  Is he the killer?  Oh! The sultry Sophia (Joanne Metrass) is David and Valerie's neighbor. She comes onto Valerie and the two will engage in steamy lesbian passion.  Uh oh...Sophia is a murderer, too...and she got away with it.  Now Valerie is banging two clever murderers.  Valerie, on her end, is going to town with her novels and the publisher want more. One by one, hot fitness babes are brutally killed.  Valerie figured David is doing this.  Hey!  Wait a minute!  David thinks Valerie is doing it!  Hey wait!  Sophia knows more than she is letting on.  Hey wait!  Well...wait until you see this film.  Every ounce of it will be erotic including the ending.

Louise Linton's performance is erotic and will leave quite an impression on you.  Mr. Fode is quite the hunk and you babes who like bad boys will fawn all over him.  Many of the murders are heartbreaking and gratuitous...but gratuitous is this film's middle name.  For a steamy murder tale, with a a great looking cast...see "Out of Hand." 

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