Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Euro-Babes losing Their Lives and Eyes

Euro-trash!  This blog is never far from it.  We have an...well...awkward one today.  Everything about it, and every character will make you squirm.  The maker of this film, Carlos Aured, must've had a fetish for well built Euro-babes in black shiny boots...getting horribly murdered. We have one from Spain, and starring Paul Naschy, today...1974's "Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll."

A drifter, Gilles (Naschy) hitchhikes into town looking for work.  He's handsome and has visions of him strangling a blonde Euro-babe to death.  Three weird, but sultry sisters hire him to be caretaker at their estate.  Claude (Diana Lorys) is quite the babe...except for a grotesquely deformed arm.  He'll also meet wheelchair bound Ivette (Maria Perschy).  Something, long ago, confined her to a wheelchair.  Then the seemingly perfect one, Nicole (Eva Leon).  She's a perfect ten and reminds her sisters that they are not.  She'll end up naked in Gilles bed first...though Gilles does later show an attraction to the grotesque and deformed.  Even better, a mysterious babe nurse shows up to tend to Ivette, Michelle (Ines Morales).  

Okay, we should mention the murders.  All around the village blonde Euro-babes, mostly wearing black shiny boots, are being viciously murdered.  The victims all have, had actually, blue eyes which are gouged out during the murders.  Gilles keeps having flashbacks about strangling a blonde Euro-babe as Claude falls deeper in love with him.  Now the murderer seems to be getting closer to the estate of the sisters.  As Gilles demonstrates he isn't totally sane, and engages in pre-marital sex with anyone he can, the line between suspects and the next victims blurs.  The beautiful will die horribly and in great number.  This film has a high body (and what great bodies) count.

Is Gilles the serial killer or is that too easy?  Is one of the deformed sisters the villain...or is that too easy?  Is this plot a metaphor for post-fascist Spain's dalliance into the misogynistic western European culture seeking to relegate women to the position of sex-objects without persona?  Okay, that last question was solely designed to make me look brilliant...a feeble charade I cling on to.  For great Euro-babe cheese and Giallo-type gore, see "Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll."   

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